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Friday, July 06, 2012

Everyday Eyes - Sealed Shorts - ELF 100 palette

Heres another look using the E.L.F. 100 palette. I really love the colors in this palette. Elf shadows have come a long way from what they were when they first came out. The biggest test for an affordable product which shows that it is actually worth it, is in the pictures!

I have come across many shadows that look good in person but once you take a picture it goes completely ashy! Thats not a good look. The colors should be just as vibrant in the pictures. I have not had this problem with either one of my Elf palettes. Super impressive!

By the way, there is something funky going on with my right eyelash... Must not have glued it down completely. :/ Oh well, don't have time to redo it so I just took it off after the pics.

 LOL Looks really crazy here :P

Products Used

MAC Signed Sealed - Outer corner
MAC Short Shorts - Inner Corner & Highlight
ELF 100 Palette - Deep Burgundy - lid; and Sparkly Reddish Mauve - inner corner & crease
Tarte cream liner
MAC Smolder
ELF Natural Lashes & Duo glue

MAC Pro Longwear foundation thinned out with Clinique moisturizer
Clinique Up-Lighting Illuminator
La Femme - Dusty Rose

MAC All Styled Up
NYX Coffee lip pencil

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