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Monday, July 16, 2012

Back when @Youtube was fun...

I was bored and wanted a refresher of my hair in all its glory back in the day. lol So I went to my YouTube channel and watched a few of my vids. If only YouTube could go back to the way it was then. Its not as fun anymore.

When I first started on @YouTube, I uploaded whatever I wanted. I'm big on music so I played all my jams in my videos. Although, a lot of people complained the music was too loud, it wasn't my fault. I blame it on Window Movie Maker. I would turn the music to a good level when editing, but when it actually uploaded the music would be BLASTING! lol

I would delete the video from my computer so I really couldn't go back and fix it so I just left it as is. Mehh....

I had so many of my videos taken down or muted because of the copyright thing, it was so frustrating. Even now, I think my vids are a little boring because of everything I can't post.

But yea, here are I think my first 2 hair videos that I posted over 4 years ago!! My hair was so fab in these videos. So freaking thick!!!

The good old days.... LMAO!!

Now, I want to do this hairstyle again. Too bad I dont have anymore Flexi8 clips. :(
I'm definitely going to have to order some soon! Will post if/when I do.

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