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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wig Regimen - How I care for my lace wig

I am in love with my current Virgin Indian lace wig. The hair is so beautiful and the quality is amazing compared to any other hair that I have worn so far.

Lace wigs can be very expensive and you will want to always make sure they are in tip top condition. You have to care for the hair as well as the lace that holds it all together.

You should be very gentle when handling your lace wig. Try not to rip the lace, fraying can ruin your wig. To combat fraying you can use fray block on the edges of the lace and on any rips to prevent further damage.

You should seal the knots on your lace wig to prevent excessive shedding. Any acrylic spray found at Walmart or any craft store can be used to seal the knots. I like to seal my knots after each time I wash my wig.

Try not to scratch your head through the wig. This can cause some of the knots to loosen and will create bald spots in the wig.

I wash my wig at least once a week. When I don't the hair does not look as fresh and tends to tangle a little.

To wash I fill my sink with luke warm water and a few drops of shampoo. I squeeze and swish the hair around keeping the strands all in one direction until it feels clean. Then rinse thoroughly.

I then deep condition the hair using a light conditioner like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or any Suave conditioner. I like to leave it on overnight and when I rinse in the am the hair is like buttah baby!

I found a rinse out shine serum by Diamond Shine, that works amazingly on the hair. I add that to the hair when I apply the conditioner. Here are a few shots of the wig with the rinse out shine booster applied.

With Flash
Without Flash
It literally Glistens!

This stuff is awesome on this hair! After it is rinsed out it leaves the hair tangle free and shiny as hell, but it does not look overly fake. The fake factor also has a lot to do with the texture and cut of the hair, as well as the believability of the wig itself.

My last lace wig lasted me for 3 years. It tangled massively when I tried to deep condition it with queen helen cholesterol. That stuff completely destroyed the wig. Never again. Lighter conditioners work best for this type of texture hair.

Treat your wig like fine silk. Find things that it likes and doesn't like, after all it is human hair, particularly Virgin hair. If you take proper care of your lace wig it should last you for a very long time.

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