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Friday, June 15, 2012

Wig Regimen - How I care for my hair under a lace wig long term

I am currently 6 months into my 2012 protective style challenge. Aside from my 2 brazillian keratin treatments, I have not worn my hair out at all the entire year. My hair is thriving at this point and you can see that there is significant growth between my first and second length check videos.

I try to take very good care of my hair when wearing protective styles and my goal is to obtain and retain optimal growth and length.

When I wear wigs or sew-ins, my hair is braided very flat to the head so that you do not see or feel any lumps or bumps once the hair is applied on top.

I wear my wig during the day and remove it at night in order to keep it nice and fresh. At night I wrap my hair up in a silk scarf.

Every week I cowash my hair, this keeps the hair moisturized. I make sure to let my hair dry completely before I apply the wig. Sometimes, I apply conditioner or a moisturizing spray to my hair in between to boost moisture.

When my scalp begins to flake or get itchy I apply a sulfur based product that I made to my scalp. It is similar to sulfur 8. I do not use grease on my hair, however I have no issues with using sulfur 8 every now and then, as this can help more than it harms. IMO

Every 3-4 weeks I take down my braids, shampoo and deep condition overnight, and then rebraid. I might let my hair breath for a few days but for the most part I braid it back up within 2-3 days.

I repeat this every month and plan to continue doing this for at least two more months, which by then I am completely sure I will be tired of wearing wigs. lol

I am actually currently in the mood for a set of mini twists. I may end up doing those after the next time I take down my current set of cornrows.

Lace wigs when taken care of are a beautiful and quick protective style.

Next Post will be on how I actually take care of the wig itself...

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