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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wave (2008) - Movie Review

A riveting German film where a high school teacher conducts a social experiment with his Autocracy class.

I ran through a few movies on Netflix under the Controversial category and came across two in particular that I want to speak on. I will start with The Wave.

I sat down thinking that this was going to be an insightful and interesting movie about how easy it is for one person to control a group of people. Or how easy it would be to gain the trust and influence many.

It was that and so much more. I was left shocked at the actions some of the students took and with my jaw hanging to the floor at the shocking yet vaguely foreseeable ending.

Social groups, popularity, and bullying have a huge influence on the outcome of this movie. Bullying is a huge issue that many ignore and don't know how to deal with.


Spoilers Below!!!!

The teacher wanted to prove/disprove that another dictatorship could be started in their country, as well as show his students what it would be like living under a dictatorship. Obviously Germany has grown leaps and bounds since the early 20th century and truthfully this type of thing has and can happen anywhere.

This was apparently a week long experiment and within this week things took off tremendously! It seemed 'cool' at first. Kind of a way to unify a group of students who were previously greatly divided. For some, being a member of a group was foreign and many enjoyed being able to feel included for once.

They developed a dress code, a name for themselves, a symbol, a social group, a special hand signal. Total uniformity.

They called themselves 'The Wave'.

It all seemed to be going good. They had fun with it.

Things began to go downhill once a few of the members refused to abide by their rules. They were basically ostracized from the group and any events. Their opinions were silenced or ignored. They didn't matter because they were not a part of The Wave.

Members of The Wave began vandalizing property by spray painting their symbol Everywhere! Even on other peoples cars! They wanted it to be known who they were.

They even began recruiting outside members, as well as hassling those who were not a part of The Wave. People started joining just because of this. They did not want to feel left out, even though they did not believe in The Wave.

One unstable member of The Wave who spent his entire life being bullied purchased a gun. He pulled it on another gang when they tried to jump The Wave members. He then took it upon himself to act as a body guard for the leader of The Wave(the teacher) He showed up at the teachers house unannounced and when it was time to leave he slept outside all night instead of going home. He desperately depended on The Wave.

Relationships were torn. Some who had been friends forever parted ways. Couples broke up, or cheated on one another. People got into fights and started to do things that they would never do otherwise.

It wasn't all completely bad. There were some good points, like, some of the students who acted out previously changed their behavior. But to be completely honest the bad things most certainly outweighed the good.

In the end the teacher realized that what he was doing needed to come to an end asap, so he called for a meeting for all to attend.

He bagan speaking about things that you would most likely hear Hitler say if her were alive today. He riled the students up and they all hung on to his every work in agreement.

When one student stood up opposing his views he ordered him to be brought to the stage kicking and screaming and basically asked everyone 'What should we do to this traitor?'

The room got silent. Everyone began to think twice about what just transpired. Many looked shocked at the fact that it had gotten that far. What exactly would a group of high school students have done to this boy?

The teacher declared that this had to stop. The Wave was over. Some tried to plead their case but one made sure to show everyone why they could not continue.

The boy mentioned previously pulled out his gun again. He said 'The Wave is my life, it cant be over'.

He ended up shooting another student and killing himself. All in front of the student body.

As I was saying about bullying. Those who can not cope with this often take the easy way out with things like drugs, sex, self mutilation, and even suicide. We as a people need to try our hardest to see the signs in those we love and try to stop it before it goes too far.

They need to know that there is an end. After high school bullying for the most part stops. You do not have to associate yourself with those people. I was bullied in grammar school by a group of girls for basically getting better grades than the whole class. They had no reason not to like me but yet I was the butt of every joke, they talked about me behind my back and to my face. All for nothing.

Look towards the future, nine times out of ten those who bullied you or someone else in school will be working for you. Focus on bettering yourself.

Please do not let the things that people say and do make you harm yourself.

You are better then they are!

Back to the movie...
They basically formed a violent gang. The nazis were and are nothing but a violent gang. They have no real reason to believe the things they do. They are just following false information and the stupidity and opinions of a few. Hell, they cant even form complete sentences most of the time. lol

If you walk into any establishment you will see clearly the groups that people form. Whether it be a school, a business, anywhere really. People want to feel included. Its simply human nature and some can not function without being a part of something.

Bringing this to an end, I though it was a very insightful movie and even though the end is a little shocking I did enjoy it and recommend it. It is currently on Netflix.

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