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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Tutorial! Adding Highlights to my lace wig

The beginning of this is the second time I added highlights to the hair. The first time I wasnt satisfied with the amount so I highlighted a few more pieces. The second part of the video was actually recorded before the second highlighting so it is not exactly the finished product. You can see what the hair actually looks like in This Post.

Its not a crazy huge difference because I wanted them to be subtle. You can see the color on the ends of the hair more so and in the front. I will take and post pics another day to show the actual full results.

Yea, so enjoy the video!

Products Needed

  • Bleach powder
  • Developer Creme - I used a 40 volume, you do not need to use this high a volume. It will lift the hair very fast. If you want to take your time I would suggest to use a 30 instead or even a 20.
  • Un Red - This step is optional. If you want to reduce the brassy/reddish undertones when lightening your hair you may want to use this. It is especially useful if you are going for a bleach blond shade.
  • Mixing bowl & Brush
  • Foil - You can use regular kitchen foil or professional hair foils, which are sold at beauty supply stores. The foils keep the hair separated from other sections so you are not getting color where it should not be.
  • Rat Tail Comb - I did not use one, but a rat tail will make it easier to section and work with the hair.

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