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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My 3 Pregnancies - Part 3 - Pure Craziness!!

My 3rd pregnancy was probably the most interesting of them all. There is way too much TMI in this post. But hey, this is real life.

Weight gain was average.

I cried like a baby over every single thing! I was so emotional the last 3 weeks of this pregnancy.

I was in the beginning stages of labor for about a month and I didn't know when the baby was going to come so I stayed out of school for the last three weeks. I figured I would study as often as I could. But my plans were kind of, now that I think of it, they were dumb. I should have taken the semester off, but I was determined to finish my bachelors degree.

I went into full labor one day at 38 weeks, a little over a week before exams. That was the craziest experience I have had out of all three pregnancies.

My contractions were 30min apart the entire day. When I talked to my doctor they had went to 10-15min apart. She told me to wait until they were 5min apart to go to the hospital, which was standard procedure. I know my body and I should have just went to the hospital when I called, like I had originally planned. 

The contractions were very, very strong! And they were a little erratic.

I waited about 2 more hours, took a bath, and called my dad and then my ex just to tell him, he didn't answer. By this time I had already broken up with him. 

The contractions were getting SO Freaking strongbut were still 15min. My dad got there and that's when it got really intense. I had absolutely no time! All of a sudden the contractions went from 15 to 3-5 minutes!!!

We rushed out of the house, to the hospital. 

My water broke just as we pulled up to the door. They put me in the wheel chair, and DAMN! they were taking their sweet time, walking sooooooooo slow. 

Before we even got in the elevator I felt it! I just had to push, I held off for as long as I could, but there was no stopping him. He was so determined to get his little self out! lol

I unbuttoned my pants before we even got to the elevator! Then pushed out his little head right in my jeans. I pulled down my pants right there in front of everyone, checked to make sure the umbilical cord wasn't wrapped around his neck, pushed that baby out, and sat his little self on top of my stomach. 

The elevator doors opened and all the nurses and doctors ran over to witness me with my pants still down, my vag all out, and a crying baby on my belly. It was quite a scene.

They cut the umbilical cord and everything right there in the hallway in front of everyone. It took so long for someone to at least cover me up. They are lucky I'm not a complete prude...

Then they wheeled me to my room. In the room I pushed the placenta out and they took all my registration information. WOW!

I took my baby home after a day in the hospital. He was such a good baby. Before he hit those terrible twos, he was actually the quietest baby I have ever seen. So precious.

I breast fed him for a month and a half. He wasn't as responsive to it as my first baby, but he did well.

His little self never left my side.

My little angel.


Mandi, the Sassy Fit Mom said...

Girl. this is some birthing story.. you are super woman. Sheesh! I had a c-section so I don't know anything about that sensation to push, but I just felt it reading your story!lol


Marleyna A said...

That pushing sensation is no joke!

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