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Saturday, June 02, 2012

My 3 Pregnancies! Part 2 - Baby Number two!

My little lady came 2 years after my first little sweety pie.

With her I would think I had a very typical pregnancy. But a not so typical labor.

I ate like a complete pig, about 4-5 times a day! Was always hungry. I threw up at least once a day in the first and last trimesters. I was very happy when I was pregnant with her.

I gained a Ton of weight. I think I went up to about 150lbs! Mind you the most I had ever weighed before getting pregnant was 117lbs. After the first I dropped back down to a good 120lbs. So with this one I felt big as a house. lol

I had to go for sonograms every month so they could monitor her because they thought they saw a "spot" in her kidney very early on.

At 38 weeks I was anxious and finally went into labor one morning. I went to the hospital with my ex(who I was with at the time) at around 3pm as the contractions got closer together and stronger. The contractions were about 15 minutes apart when I went in and very strong, but now that I am thinking about it, they were not that bad. This was my second child, yes, but in all actuality this was my first time going into labor.

I read up on it extensively, but no research can truly prepare you for the real thing. Goodness, the pain! lol

I decided that I did not want an epidural. I knew I could handle it. After a few hours of contractions and not dilating much, I got restless. I was ready but my lady was making this so difficult! That is so like her to do...

The staff finally convinced me, after 5 hours, to take the epidural so that I could rest comfortably, this baby was taking her own sweet time. I finally was able to get some rest with my ex by my side. At about 11pm, still nothing. Still not dilating. This was just getting ridiculous now!!

They induced me.

That was all I needed. Just that little kick of ocytocin and within an hour and a half she was ready! I was fully dilated, but my water didnt break! They stuck that little thing in there and I felt a pop! and then a gush of water and then it was time to push. (TMI)

1.. 2.. 3...
And there she was.

I spent 1 day in the hospital and they released us both early.

I went grocery shopping the same day like an ass and almost passed out!
And then went home and instead of my fam giving me a day they dropped my first baby off!!

Oh My Goodness!!!

I was so Overwhelmed!! I had no clue how to handle 2 babies at once without even getting used to the fact that there was more then one now!

It took me some time, a few days actually and I got the hang of it. From then on, I was in full mommy mode.

I breast fed her for almost 2 months and basically lost almost all of the weight I gained during the pregnancy.

She was so precious to me. Her little personality was completely different from her brother. Its so strange to see that they are actually their own people. I guess... lol I cant quite describe it. But she was very independent, very smart, very unique.

My Little Lady.


Nikki Hilton said...

I hope your are enjoying with your baby a lot, As I know pregnancy is the different experience for every women.


Marleyna A said...

LOL This baby is 7 years old now. I dont have any more babies. :) Technically

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