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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Over the past few days I have been completely obsessed with 24. I did watch it when it first came out years ago on Fox and although I didn't watch it in entirety but I loved it at the time.

At this time I am half way through the fourth season. All I have to say is that most of these people are completely stupid. The daughter constantly got herself into so much crap the first and second season. I really couldn't stand her, just completely stupid.

I know its entertainment and yes it played once a week, but for me watching several episodes each day its just ridiculous.

I love the fact that the President Palmer was probably the best out of them all. Logan who took the place of his president when the plane was shot down, was a complete idiot. Every choice that he made was wrong and he never learned from his mistakes.

Whats funny, is that since I have been watching this nonsense I find myself wondering just how many national security threats this country deals with that the people do not know about.

I really need to get back to reality, lol.

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