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Friday, June 29, 2012

Acrylic Nails - NSI Spa System Review

I used to do my acrylics all the time and recently decided to get back into it. I purchased a bunch of things from ebay and a NSI Spa sample kit from a professional nail tech supply site.

The NSI Spa system uses an Odorless liquid. I have quickly learned that odorless systems are very different than traditional L&P acrylic, and to be honest I am very unhappy with this particular product.

My Initial Thoughts:

  • Not completely odorless and actually has a bit of a sweet smell to it. It is much better than a traditional system as far as the smells go.
  • Took a bit to get the right ratio.
  • Was very difficult for me to work with.
  • The finished product do look and feel good, but I have to say I prefer the traditional L&P.

I have been doing acrylic nails off and on for the past 10 years. Yes, like with everything else, I started very young and am self taught. I have never had such a hard time working with a product as I had with this one.

I realized quickly that this system needs to be worked very dry however I dont think that I ever got it truly dry enough. I could not seem to get this to act right at all! No matter what I did it was just way too sticky. I would wipe the brush almost completely dry and pick up the bead, but IDK. It just wasn't good.

I had to switch out brushes several times just to keep a clean brush. It clung to the brush and refused to let go.

Another thing that really bothered me was the bubbles. I have never had this problem before either, but I couldnt seem to avoid them with this. The top layer never cures so you have to wipe it off before you start to file. Thats no big deal but it can be a little annoying as it is very sticky.

Here are a few pictures of the pink & white sculpts that I did. I am so completely unhappy with them right now. I need to file them down a bit more as well since they are not completely finished.

The smile lines are not good and the whites are more dull but thats ok.

They actually feel really good as opposed to some acrylics that hurt the first few days. These were comfortable after only a few hours, so thats a plus.

My only complaint is the stickiness and the bubbles. If it did not have these qualities it would be perfect!

Would I buy again?
No, I probably wont. But my next purchase will be the NSI Attraction line.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Getting the ratios right has been the most difficult thing for me, being that I am used to regular acrylics. But, luckily I am getting used to it and I think the trade off is worth the reduced smell. :)

I'm still going to pick up the attraction line though...

Kim Kardashian Makeup FOTD

She posted this pic a little while ago from a recent photoshoot and I Really love the look, so I went ahead and recreated it. The lip color is what actually drew me to it because this color is actually very close to my favorite nude lip color, with a hint of mauve.

Products Used:

E.L.F. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Smolder eyeliner
Loreal Linear Intense liquid liner

NYX Mauve lip pencil
MAC Brave New Bronze lipstick

Graftobian foundation

Sadly Brave New Bronze is a Limited Edition Lipstick. If I find it again, perhaps at the CCO I will definitely stock up! Its my Fave nude color! :) The ELF eyeshadows are awesome! You cant get a better product for the price. Funny I use my ELF more than I use my MAC shadows...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Regimen for the rest of 2012

Due to protein overload from 2 BKT treatments this year I have experienced some breakage. I have not lost too much length so its not as bad as it could be. I'm going to wait till August to do my next measurement, so I will see whats good then.

I put in a set of twists the other day and plan to continue with low manipulation styles like this for the rest of the year. Well, I've technically already been doing that.. lol

I will not be touching any heat what so ever for the rest of the year as well. If I feel as if my hair needs a protein treatment I will use my aphogee 2 step. I have never experienced protein overload when using this product and I usually use it every 4-6 months, before I started using the BKT.

I need to really add a ton of moisture to my hair, so I am deep conditioning frequently, at least 2x weekly, as well as cowashing every 2-3 days. I haven't worn a ponytail baggy since last year and I want to grab a few new ones and incorporate those back into the rotation as well.

I have been wearing my hair in french braids(cornrows) braided very close to the scalp for the past month and at this time I want to wear singles only. No more french braids. To do this properly and without having to sew the braids down I do very small to mini twists or braids, do a cross wrap, and pin down. 

This way I can still wear my Lacewig without going through all the fuss of unbraiding and rebraiding or what have you. 

What else?? ......

Protective styles that I will wear till the end of the year:
  • Braids and Twists (no weave)
  • Lace Wig
  • Ponytail Baggy
  • Buns


1. Wash(Prepoo, Shampoo, & DC) weekly - sat/sun; and DC 2x weekly - sat/sun & wed.
2. Lightly cowash every 2-3 days when needed.
3. Spray daily with scurl or my leaving conditioner.

Apply Shea butter or other moisturizer and wear a baggy overnight if I need more moisture.They will be retwisted as needed.
Every 2-3 days:
1. Wash, DC, and Detangle.
2. While still wet add Suave or Vo5 cond, Coconut oil, and a little gel to help it lay down.
3. Smooth into a ponytail with denman brush -or- Braid into 5 sections if doing the baggy 
4. Add Knee-hi holder, only wrapping 2-3 times.
5. Throw on a scarf and allow to dry overnight.

I spray with scurl or my leave in every night, and tie my scarf. My hair is twisted into a bun or braided into 5 with a kneehi covering it. I put on my ponytail every morning when I leave the house and loosen the pony every night to relieve tension and avoid the breakage you would tend to get from wearing them constantly.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twists!! & Adding Another Challenge! - No Heat Till 2013

So I took down my braids that I had under my lace wig that I have been wearing for the past month or so. I slathered my hair with oil and a little suave conditioner, detangled, and put on a plastic cap and a scarf and sat under the dryer to give it a little heat for a good half hour. I essentially gave it a hot oil treatment.

I then rinsed a few hours later and began a set of small twists. Here are  few pics

In this pic it looks way too thin.  Could have made the parts smaller... :P

The back likes to shrink up a lot. ;)

Last time I straightened my hair with the BKT I did a nice trim and now even though my  hair has been braided up for almost 2 months I have clear signs of breakage.

Because of the breakage, I have decided to go full force and forget about flat ironing for length checks for the rest of the year as well as any BKT/Protein treatments. I have done 2 so far this year, basically every 3 months. I know my hair can not handle heat too often and every time I straighten I tend to lose a good half an inch to an inch no matter what I do.

My goal is to get back the length I had before (MBL) and any breakage I can not tolerate. So now I am going to focus on moisturizing and protecting my hair even more.

My hair does best with daily cowashing and deep conditioning 2x a week. I am going to have to come up with a good steady regimen for the rest of the year.

I'll post the regimen in the next post.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wave (2008) - Movie Review

A riveting German film where a high school teacher conducts a social experiment with his Autocracy class.

I ran through a few movies on Netflix under the Controversial category and came across two in particular that I want to speak on. I will start with The Wave.

I sat down thinking that this was going to be an insightful and interesting movie about how easy it is for one person to control a group of people. Or how easy it would be to gain the trust and influence many.

It was that and so much more. I was left shocked at the actions some of the students took and with my jaw hanging to the floor at the shocking yet vaguely foreseeable ending.

Social groups, popularity, and bullying have a huge influence on the outcome of this movie. Bullying is a huge issue that many ignore and don't know how to deal with.


Spoilers Below!!!!

The teacher wanted to prove/disprove that another dictatorship could be started in their country, as well as show his students what it would be like living under a dictatorship. Obviously Germany has grown leaps and bounds since the early 20th century and truthfully this type of thing has and can happen anywhere.

This was apparently a week long experiment and within this week things took off tremendously! It seemed 'cool' at first. Kind of a way to unify a group of students who were previously greatly divided. For some, being a member of a group was foreign and many enjoyed being able to feel included for once.

They developed a dress code, a name for themselves, a symbol, a social group, a special hand signal. Total uniformity.

They called themselves 'The Wave'.

It all seemed to be going good. They had fun with it.

Things began to go downhill once a few of the members refused to abide by their rules. They were basically ostracized from the group and any events. Their opinions were silenced or ignored. They didn't matter because they were not a part of The Wave.

Members of The Wave began vandalizing property by spray painting their symbol Everywhere! Even on other peoples cars! They wanted it to be known who they were.

They even began recruiting outside members, as well as hassling those who were not a part of The Wave. People started joining just because of this. They did not want to feel left out, even though they did not believe in The Wave.

One unstable member of The Wave who spent his entire life being bullied purchased a gun. He pulled it on another gang when they tried to jump The Wave members. He then took it upon himself to act as a body guard for the leader of The Wave(the teacher) He showed up at the teachers house unannounced and when it was time to leave he slept outside all night instead of going home. He desperately depended on The Wave.

Relationships were torn. Some who had been friends forever parted ways. Couples broke up, or cheated on one another. People got into fights and started to do things that they would never do otherwise.

It wasn't all completely bad. There were some good points, like, some of the students who acted out previously changed their behavior. But to be completely honest the bad things most certainly outweighed the good.

In the end the teacher realized that what he was doing needed to come to an end asap, so he called for a meeting for all to attend.

He bagan speaking about things that you would most likely hear Hitler say if her were alive today. He riled the students up and they all hung on to his every work in agreement.

When one student stood up opposing his views he ordered him to be brought to the stage kicking and screaming and basically asked everyone 'What should we do to this traitor?'

The room got silent. Everyone began to think twice about what just transpired. Many looked shocked at the fact that it had gotten that far. What exactly would a group of high school students have done to this boy?

The teacher declared that this had to stop. The Wave was over. Some tried to plead their case but one made sure to show everyone why they could not continue.

The boy mentioned previously pulled out his gun again. He said 'The Wave is my life, it cant be over'.

He ended up shooting another student and killing himself. All in front of the student body.

As I was saying about bullying. Those who can not cope with this often take the easy way out with things like drugs, sex, self mutilation, and even suicide. We as a people need to try our hardest to see the signs in those we love and try to stop it before it goes too far.

They need to know that there is an end. After high school bullying for the most part stops. You do not have to associate yourself with those people. I was bullied in grammar school by a group of girls for basically getting better grades than the whole class. They had no reason not to like me but yet I was the butt of every joke, they talked about me behind my back and to my face. All for nothing.

Look towards the future, nine times out of ten those who bullied you or someone else in school will be working for you. Focus on bettering yourself.

Please do not let the things that people say and do make you harm yourself.

You are better then they are!

Back to the movie...
They basically formed a violent gang. The nazis were and are nothing but a violent gang. They have no real reason to believe the things they do. They are just following false information and the stupidity and opinions of a few. Hell, they cant even form complete sentences most of the time. lol

If you walk into any establishment you will see clearly the groups that people form. Whether it be a school, a business, anywhere really. People want to feel included. Its simply human nature and some can not function without being a part of something.

Bringing this to an end, I though it was a very insightful movie and even though the end is a little shocking I did enjoy it and recommend it. It is currently on Netflix.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My 3 Pregnancies - Part 3 - Pure Craziness!!

My 3rd pregnancy was probably the most interesting of them all. There is way too much TMI in this post. But hey, this is real life.

Weight gain was average.

I cried like a baby over every single thing! I was so emotional the last 3 weeks of this pregnancy.

I was in the beginning stages of labor for about a month and I didn't know when the baby was going to come so I stayed out of school for the last three weeks. I figured I would study as often as I could. But my plans were kind of, now that I think of it, they were dumb. I should have taken the semester off, but I was determined to finish my bachelors degree.

I went into full labor one day at 38 weeks, a little over a week before exams. That was the craziest experience I have had out of all three pregnancies.

My contractions were 30min apart the entire day. When I talked to my doctor they had went to 10-15min apart. She told me to wait until they were 5min apart to go to the hospital, which was standard procedure. I know my body and I should have just went to the hospital when I called, like I had originally planned. 

The contractions were very, very strong! And they were a little erratic.

I waited about 2 more hours, took a bath, and called my dad and then my ex just to tell him, he didn't answer. By this time I had already broken up with him. 

The contractions were getting SO Freaking strongbut were still 15min. My dad got there and that's when it got really intense. I had absolutely no time! All of a sudden the contractions went from 15 to 3-5 minutes!!!

We rushed out of the house, to the hospital. 

My water broke just as we pulled up to the door. They put me in the wheel chair, and DAMN! they were taking their sweet time, walking sooooooooo slow. 

Before we even got in the elevator I felt it! I just had to push, I held off for as long as I could, but there was no stopping him. He was so determined to get his little self out! lol

I unbuttoned my pants before we even got to the elevator! Then pushed out his little head right in my jeans. I pulled down my pants right there in front of everyone, checked to make sure the umbilical cord wasn't wrapped around his neck, pushed that baby out, and sat his little self on top of my stomach. 

The elevator doors opened and all the nurses and doctors ran over to witness me with my pants still down, my vag all out, and a crying baby on my belly. It was quite a scene.

They cut the umbilical cord and everything right there in the hallway in front of everyone. It took so long for someone to at least cover me up. They are lucky I'm not a complete prude...

Then they wheeled me to my room. In the room I pushed the placenta out and they took all my registration information. WOW!

I took my baby home after a day in the hospital. He was such a good baby. Before he hit those terrible twos, he was actually the quietest baby I have ever seen. So precious.

I breast fed him for a month and a half. He wasn't as responsive to it as my first baby, but he did well.

His little self never left my side.

My little angel.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wig Regimen - How I care for my lace wig

I am in love with my current Virgin Indian lace wig. The hair is so beautiful and the quality is amazing compared to any other hair that I have worn so far.

Lace wigs can be very expensive and you will want to always make sure they are in tip top condition. You have to care for the hair as well as the lace that holds it all together.

You should be very gentle when handling your lace wig. Try not to rip the lace, fraying can ruin your wig. To combat fraying you can use fray block on the edges of the lace and on any rips to prevent further damage.

You should seal the knots on your lace wig to prevent excessive shedding. Any acrylic spray found at Walmart or any craft store can be used to seal the knots. I like to seal my knots after each time I wash my wig.

Try not to scratch your head through the wig. This can cause some of the knots to loosen and will create bald spots in the wig.

I wash my wig at least once a week. When I don't the hair does not look as fresh and tends to tangle a little.

To wash I fill my sink with luke warm water and a few drops of shampoo. I squeeze and swish the hair around keeping the strands all in one direction until it feels clean. Then rinse thoroughly.

I then deep condition the hair using a light conditioner like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or any Suave conditioner. I like to leave it on overnight and when I rinse in the am the hair is like buttah baby!

I found a rinse out shine serum by Diamond Shine, that works amazingly on the hair. I add that to the hair when I apply the conditioner. Here are a few shots of the wig with the rinse out shine booster applied.

With Flash
Without Flash
It literally Glistens!

This stuff is awesome on this hair! After it is rinsed out it leaves the hair tangle free and shiny as hell, but it does not look overly fake. The fake factor also has a lot to do with the texture and cut of the hair, as well as the believability of the wig itself.

My last lace wig lasted me for 3 years. It tangled massively when I tried to deep condition it with queen helen cholesterol. That stuff completely destroyed the wig. Never again. Lighter conditioners work best for this type of texture hair.

Treat your wig like fine silk. Find things that it likes and doesn't like, after all it is human hair, particularly Virgin hair. If you take proper care of your lace wig it should last you for a very long time.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wig Regimen - How I care for my hair under a lace wig long term

I am currently 6 months into my 2012 protective style challenge. Aside from my 2 brazillian keratin treatments, I have not worn my hair out at all the entire year. My hair is thriving at this point and you can see that there is significant growth between my first and second length check videos.

I try to take very good care of my hair when wearing protective styles and my goal is to obtain and retain optimal growth and length.

When I wear wigs or sew-ins, my hair is braided very flat to the head so that you do not see or feel any lumps or bumps once the hair is applied on top.

I wear my wig during the day and remove it at night in order to keep it nice and fresh. At night I wrap my hair up in a silk scarf.

Every week I cowash my hair, this keeps the hair moisturized. I make sure to let my hair dry completely before I apply the wig. Sometimes, I apply conditioner or a moisturizing spray to my hair in between to boost moisture.

When my scalp begins to flake or get itchy I apply a sulfur based product that I made to my scalp. It is similar to sulfur 8. I do not use grease on my hair, however I have no issues with using sulfur 8 every now and then, as this can help more than it harms. IMO

Every 3-4 weeks I take down my braids, shampoo and deep condition overnight, and then rebraid. I might let my hair breath for a few days but for the most part I braid it back up within 2-3 days.

I repeat this every month and plan to continue doing this for at least two more months, which by then I am completely sure I will be tired of wearing wigs. lol

I am actually currently in the mood for a set of mini twists. I may end up doing those after the next time I take down my current set of cornrows.

Lace wigs when taken care of are a beautiful and quick protective style.

Next Post will be on how I actually take care of the wig itself...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review - Sally Hansen HD Nail Color

I found these on sale at Walgreens for $1.89 each so I grabbed 2. These polishes all contain fine multi colored/duo chrome glitter. The pink color has fine pink glitter with a slight purple duo chrome. The purple has a blue and pink duo chrome, which I love.

Pros - The colors are beautiful and the glitter is not too chunky and it is very easy to remove.

Cons - These polishes are very sheer and I had to apply 3-4 coats in order to get the desired opacity.
The staying power is typical of Sally Hansen nail colors.

The pink applies much better than the purple and even with a base and top coat they still chipped very fast. That could also be due to the fact that I had to apply so many coats. I really like the fact that they are so easy to remove. I love the look of glittery polish, but hate how difficult it can be to remove. For that reason I don't wear it very often. I do not have to worry about that with this polish.

All in all, I do like these polishes and I think they would be great when applied over another color to enhance it. Because they are so sheer it would look great over a cream or white base. 

Pink- Byte
Purple- DVD

 With flash

Without flash

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running Bursts

I started walking and running on the treadmill daily about a month and a half ago.
Because life tends to get busy I missed a good week. I do not really like falling off of the wagon and when I lose track it can be difficult for me to pick it back up again.

So here I am picking it back up.

I came across a post on LHCF about a running program for runners called Couch to 5k.

I checked out the website that was posted and really liked the idea of alternating between walking and running during the workout. I have actually been doing something similar where I would walk at a fast pace for 20 mins and run for the last 5 mins. I cant run for a long period because I have asthma, otherwise I would run exclusively.

Well, I went on the Google Play market and found quite a few apps that cater to the C25k concept and downloaded the one I liked. The apps workouts change week to week becoming more intense as you go along.

I started with the first workout, today. It starts off with a 5 min warm up of just walking and then moves into 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking, alternating until the full 30 minutes have past.

I stopped at 20 minutes, but that was good enough for me.

I have grown to really love running and I look great because of it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Over the past few days I have been completely obsessed with 24. I did watch it when it first came out years ago on Fox and although I didn't watch it in entirety but I loved it at the time.

At this time I am half way through the fourth season. All I have to say is that most of these people are completely stupid. The daughter constantly got herself into so much crap the first and second season. I really couldn't stand her, just completely stupid.

I know its entertainment and yes it played once a week, but for me watching several episodes each day its just ridiculous.

I love the fact that the President Palmer was probably the best out of them all. Logan who took the place of his president when the plane was shot down, was a complete idiot. Every choice that he made was wrong and he never learned from his mistakes.

Whats funny, is that since I have been watching this nonsense I find myself wondering just how many national security threats this country deals with that the people do not know about.

I really need to get back to reality, lol.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Amazing Benefits of Evening Primrose oil for Women

I have been taking Evening primrose oil on a daily basis over the past few months and the benefits have been amazing! I have taken it before and can say that the results i get from it is consistent and real. There are many who are skeptical about the use of vitamins, but I am here to tell you that the effects are worth a try.

Since I began taking 1,300mg of EPO daily, I have noticed the following benefits:

  • Reduced amount of hormonal cystic acne
  • Shorter periods
  • Lighter menstrual flow
  • Little to no cramping
  • Less moodiness
  • Skin less 'oily/greasy' and more supple with a 'glow'
Basically it helps regulate the hormonal effects that a woman's body goes through each month. I tend to have particularly strong, painful cramps and severe cystic acne. Since I began taking EPO this has all seemed to dissipate. 

My face went from having cystic acne mostly around my chin with more popping up each month, to almost no acne and very smooth skin.

I ran out of EPO last month and have not been back to the health food store to restock. This time around my cramps came back in full force, as well as my cystic acne. Since I am still taking other things as well, such as biotin and a b-complex the acne is not as bad as it was previously.

This alone shows me how important EPO is for me. Therefore, I will be restocking as soon as possible and will always keep a bottle around from now on.

Obviously, everything has a different effect on everyone and the benefits I have experienced may not be the same for you. But it couldn't hurt to try it out for a few months as this does not have any adverse side effects for most people. I have not met anyone who has tried it and did not see any of the same or similar benefits I have.

I do highly recommend Evening Primrose Oil daily in your vitamin regimen.

Here are a few articles that talk more in depth about the medical uses and effects of EPO:


Saturday, June 02, 2012

Tutorial! Adding Highlights to my lace wig

The beginning of this is the second time I added highlights to the hair. The first time I wasnt satisfied with the amount so I highlighted a few more pieces. The second part of the video was actually recorded before the second highlighting so it is not exactly the finished product. You can see what the hair actually looks like in This Post.

Its not a crazy huge difference because I wanted them to be subtle. You can see the color on the ends of the hair more so and in the front. I will take and post pics another day to show the actual full results.

Yea, so enjoy the video!

Products Needed

  • Bleach powder
  • Developer Creme - I used a 40 volume, you do not need to use this high a volume. It will lift the hair very fast. If you want to take your time I would suggest to use a 30 instead or even a 20.
  • Un Red - This step is optional. If you want to reduce the brassy/reddish undertones when lightening your hair you may want to use this. It is especially useful if you are going for a bleach blond shade.
  • Mixing bowl & Brush
  • Foil - You can use regular kitchen foil or professional hair foils, which are sold at beauty supply stores. The foils keep the hair separated from other sections so you are not getting color where it should not be.
  • Rat Tail Comb - I did not use one, but a rat tail will make it easier to section and work with the hair.

My 3 Pregnancies! Part 2 - Baby Number two!

My little lady came 2 years after my first little sweety pie.

With her I would think I had a very typical pregnancy. But a not so typical labor.

I ate like a complete pig, about 4-5 times a day! Was always hungry. I threw up at least once a day in the first and last trimesters. I was very happy when I was pregnant with her.

I gained a Ton of weight. I think I went up to about 150lbs! Mind you the most I had ever weighed before getting pregnant was 117lbs. After the first I dropped back down to a good 120lbs. So with this one I felt big as a house. lol

I had to go for sonograms every month so they could monitor her because they thought they saw a "spot" in her kidney very early on.

At 38 weeks I was anxious and finally went into labor one morning. I went to the hospital with my ex(who I was with at the time) at around 3pm as the contractions got closer together and stronger. The contractions were about 15 minutes apart when I went in and very strong, but now that I am thinking about it, they were not that bad. This was my second child, yes, but in all actuality this was my first time going into labor.

I read up on it extensively, but no research can truly prepare you for the real thing. Goodness, the pain! lol

I decided that I did not want an epidural. I knew I could handle it. After a few hours of contractions and not dilating much, I got restless. I was ready but my lady was making this so difficult! That is so like her to do...

The staff finally convinced me, after 5 hours, to take the epidural so that I could rest comfortably, this baby was taking her own sweet time. I finally was able to get some rest with my ex by my side. At about 11pm, still nothing. Still not dilating. This was just getting ridiculous now!!

They induced me.

That was all I needed. Just that little kick of ocytocin and within an hour and a half she was ready! I was fully dilated, but my water didnt break! They stuck that little thing in there and I felt a pop! and then a gush of water and then it was time to push. (TMI)

1.. 2.. 3...
And there she was.

I spent 1 day in the hospital and they released us both early.

I went grocery shopping the same day like an ass and almost passed out!
And then went home and instead of my fam giving me a day they dropped my first baby off!!

Oh My Goodness!!!

I was so Overwhelmed!! I had no clue how to handle 2 babies at once without even getting used to the fact that there was more then one now!

It took me some time, a few days actually and I got the hang of it. From then on, I was in full mommy mode.

I breast fed her for almost 2 months and basically lost almost all of the weight I gained during the pregnancy.

She was so precious to me. Her little personality was completely different from her brother. Its so strange to see that they are actually their own people. I guess... lol I cant quite describe it. But she was very independent, very smart, very unique.

My Little Lady.

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