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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vitamins and update.

I have been very good about taking my vits everyday. I might miss a day here and there but never more than 2 and I always pick it back up.
I ran out of EPO 2 weeks ago, so I am going to have to restock on that pretty soon but I keep forgetting.
Other than that its been great!

Im still juicing although not daily like before but its still a big part. I have been adding flaxseeds to my juices because flax is just so good for you!
I have found that the flaxseed oil bloats me so I eat the raw, organic seeds. Just grind them up and mix them into the juice or any foods. They do give a nice flavor and texture.

I have added daily running to my regimen, which has given significant results! I have asthma so I had to start off slow. I started off with walking for 20min everyday and then worked up a faster pace everyday. Then increased the amount of time every day as well.

Right now I am running or walking at a brisk pace for about 30min everyday.

My stomach is completely flat, although I still have a layer of fat it is going down everyday and I look great.

All the weight I put on over the holidays is pretty much gone.

Now I am working on toning my belly and arms.

Pilates and yoga...

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