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Monday, May 21, 2012

Peek-a-boo Highlights!

I am seriously in love with this hair! Did some serious tweaking and she is better than ever!

Her name is Mila Kunis-Jovovich.

Plus check out my awesome new shoes!


I recorded a video review of the hair and the site i bought it from, as well as the video of me highlighting the hair.

I have to say, I cant stand foil.

So here is what I have done to this hair so far:

I received her Friday.

Day 1
*removed seam in the front of the cap to make hairline look natural
*bleached knots
*washed & DC overnight w/ hello hydration
Day 2
*blew dry with John Frieda Dream Curls
*sealed knots

Played with her for a few days trying to come up with an idea to break it up because it was too solid in color and looked like too much. I didnt want to thin her because she was too perfect the way she was. I love thick hair and my natural hair is just as, if not moreso thick.

I decided to do some subtle peek-a-boo highlights!

So today, i ran to sallys and grabed supplies.
Bleach powder, 40 volume developer, wig head, stand & Tpins, products Mila might like.(lol)

*Added the highlights going  around in a U shape and a little to the bang.
*bleached knots slightly again!
* washed and deep conditioned with new products
* blew her dry
*sealed knots

I am so in love.

She is going to last me for a very long time. My last lace wig lasted me for 3 years before i destroyed her. She was chinese.


Dont you just love how i talk about my hair as if they are real people??


Video will be up as soon as i figure out what to do with these HD videos. I cant load them on my laptop because they are too big!

Suggestions? OneTrueMedia maybe?

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