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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Lace Wig

Its been a while since I've posted. What has my hair been through over the past few months? Kinky twists, weaves, brazillian treatments, and more weaves!

I took out the kinky twists after wearing them for a few months, at the middle of april.
I then did a brazillian treatment which i wore for a week and a half.
After that i wore a quick weave ponytail, with some old hair i had from last year.

Right now i have in a full head sewin with an invisibale part. It started of looking Fab but after the first week i began to shed and matt like crazy!!

This reminds me why i do not wear BSS hair anymore. This is Milky Way hair. No pictures.

So now im sitting here pissed at myself for even attempting to give this hair longevity. There is simply no hope. It sheds in clumps!

I ended up purchasing a new lace wig. It should be here in the morning and i am a little excited. Hopefully the hair will be good, if not then i will try a different company next time.

Will post pictures tomorrow when it comes.

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