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Friday, May 25, 2012

Major Change in Blog Layout & Website!

So at about 2am this morning I had an Epiphany!
I have been thinking on how to improve my websites and what exactly I wanted to do with beautyandthebabies and marleynaa...

What I decided to do was import all posts from makeupbymar and beautyandthebabies into this blog! naturalhairgrowthjourney!!

Instead of having 3 blogs and a website... 2 different domains and such... Just incorporate it all into one site! Duhh!!

So this site will no longer be naturalhairgrowthjourney, nor will it be naturalhair.marleynaa...

This site IS NOW:

Beauty and the Babies!!!!

I will be blogging about everything here, because it is a bit difficult to keep up with so many websites at once. Plus by changing the theme I can post about everything instead of focusing on just one thing. That seems to be a big issue for me when it comes to blogging and probably the reason why I cant seem to keep up with it.

I will be changing the layout of this as well again to make it all pretty and not just so, blah like it is now.

All the links from the other websites will also redirect here as well.

This seems a little sad to me.. I feel like I'm killing a pet that has been with me for 6 years and replacing it with another...  

I dont want to change it. 


Gosh, I'm so dramatic.

Now I'm thinking I should start posting all my videos on beautyandthebabies youtube instead of marand313... That way everything will match up... Maybe I can just post each video on both pages and once the subscriber count goes up I will switch over. My audience is on marand313 and I have come and gone so many times its ridiculous. I will keep youtube as is for now. 


URLs should all be updated now.

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