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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Upping your protein intake

If you want to burn fat quickly it is good to reduce carbs and increase protein in your diet. I said previously that I am adding a protein shake to my diet in addition to juicing and vitamins. Protein is great for weight loss(or gain, depending) and exercising but my favorite benefit to protein shakes is hair growth!

I went to Vitamin Shoppe and grabbed a brand which I know to be very good. TwinLab Lean Muscle formula Whey Protein powder in Vanilla.

I also got a Blender Bottle which gave me a little $5 discount on my purchase. 

The Blender Bottle comes with a wire wisk which mixes everything up inside the bottle well.

The instructions say to mix one scoop for every 6oz of water so here I made a double serving with 12 oz and 2 scoops of the powder.

I added the wisk thingy and shook until everything looked well blended.

 I have to say that this does not have much flavor in it. Not that I was expecting for it to, however it can be improved upon by adding it to smoothies and other things.

Today I threw in some coffee with a little amaretto creamer to make it taste a little better and I am enjoying this. Plus it will give me my caffeine kick for the day. I used Folders original here, but I do like the premium roasts and flavors much better. I am a sugar fiend and have been reducing the amount of sugar I eat for a very long time because many people in my extended family have had diabetes. That is not something I want to develop. But I have not added any sugar to this and it is actually not bad by itself.

I make one 12oz bottle and have been drinking this throughout the day. Drinking one 12oz bottle of this everyday I am getting 50g of protein through 18 various amino acids.

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