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Friday, February 10, 2012

Protein to reduce fat

I have been doing research in reducing the amount of fat in the body and I have come up with a plan to do so in a relatively short amount of time.

Here are a few things I will include in order to do so:
Reduce/eliminate carbohydrate consumption
Reducing the amount of solid food
Increase protein in diet

Obviously the first one I am already doing as well as reducing the actual amount of food I have been eating everyday. Over the past few months I have just been eating way too much, it has been hard to break the habit of always feeling hungry but I have been able to do so and I now only eat solid food once a day.

I juice throughout the day and am getting all the nutrients that I need. Carbs obviously are bad and have been the main part of my diet which has caused me to gain weight. Because I had been eating so many carbs my weight, metabolism, and digestion have not been stable. I feel that it is very important to nip this in the bud very early on as it will be a huge problem for me later in life.

I want to remain a nice size 5.

The one thing that I have not incorporated just yet has been the increase of protein in the diet. To be completely honest I do believe that you can not just eat a protein rich diet. It does give amazing results however the protein alone in my opinion is not good health wise.

What I plan to do is instead of eating more meat I will include a protein powder supplement consistently for a few months and record the results.

I have not posted any pics but I will be doing a before and after video after the fact. Again I will say that I am by no means what someone may call 'fat' nor do I have a weight problem. I am just unhappy with not being at my ideal weight due to holiday weight gain.
I want to get back to having a flat stomach that does not fold over when I sit down. :P

More to follow.

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