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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My love of Mohawks

I love Mohawks!

When done correctly they can be edgy, classy, unique, and fun to wear.

For New Years I used the hair that I colored a few posts back and created an awesome style. Something like that would probably not be a good idea if you have a conservative job. I am editing the tutorial for that and will post this week.

Today I am rocking my natural hair in a hawk style and I loves it mucho!

This style was very easy to create.
I braided My hair wet in 2 right down the middle. Make sure the hair is brushed and smoothed upwards. I applied a little Eco Style gel to the sides and let it dry overnight with a scarf wrapped around.

When I unraveled the braids I had nice soft waves right down the middle. I used bobby pins to make sure the style stayed in place and Voila!

Please excuse the bland look on my face.. ;)

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