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Monday, January 09, 2012

My first Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I did my very first BKT the other day and can I say I immediately fell in love!

My hair came out great! Very soft, silky, and shiny with that perfect weight to it that makes it blow in the wind. Amazing!

Heres the video.

Being that this was my first time doing this I didnt spend any time looking at any of the other videos out there. I just followed the directions that were on the box. However the next time I try this out I will do it much more differently than I did the first time.

Next time I will make sure that after detangling each section I braid it back up so that it does not re tangle onto itself. I will also wear a shower cap for that 30 min it needs to set in so that it does not dry out as much before I blow dry.

I will also use the tension method to blow dry the hair so that I do not have to spend so much time detangling the hair after it has dried completely.

Other than that it was great! When applying the product I noticed how much easier it was to comb through the hair. It smelled nice and had a nice consistency. I used about a dime sized amount on each 2" section so I didnt over saturate the hair.

You are supposed to leave it straight for 2 days, but I did revert a small section in the back and I currently have not washed this out just yet.

It has been 4 days.

My hair still feels great. It still has that flow even though I have been using my castor oil which can weigh the hair down a bit.

I love it and I probably will not ever straighten my hair again without using this product.

I kind of want to try it out on my baby girl to see how it works out for her... hmmm...

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