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Sunday, January 08, 2012

How do you work out?

I am 5'7".
I weigh around 130 lbs.

I have been having minor issues with my weight just recently over the past year or so. After having 3 children who isnt having weight problems??

I am far from being overweight but I have been between a size 1 and 3 my entire life. Now I am in a size 5 and on the verge of moving into a 7. I want to get back down to my perfect size 3.

My favorite workouts are yoga and pilates.

Yoga is very relaxing and helps greatly with any stiffness and problems along those lines. It stretches your body and greatly increases flexibility as well as strength.

I have been doing these workouts on and off for years and they have been very helpful in keeping my body fit and lean. However it has been a few years since I have exercised consistently. It is time for me to pick it back up before I gain any more weight.

What I like to do when I begin working out is a little juice fast for 3 days. I use B&P shakes as well and this helps clear out the system.

I am a strong believer in fasting and I base it on my experience with it not on what others have to say.

One key point I have noticed, if you begin fasting and feel like shit, that means you have to start slow. You have a ton of toxins in your system and if you release them too fast you will feel sick.

I want to start off with a 3 day juice fast while doing B&P shakes 2-3x a day. I may add a few days to the fast but after I finish I will continue the B&P shakes and begin my vitamin regimen.

I have been looking for a few good pilates/yoga videos but am not finding what I am really looking for so I will probably do it on my own. Throw some head phones in and get to work. I am also going to run on the treadmill for 20-30 min each day to get a little cardio in the workout.

What I am trying to work out is my schedule..

I am thinking of incorporating everything as follows:

Wake up, B&P shake, treadmill for 20 min
An hr or so later breakfast- juice

B&P shake

Before bed, B&P shake, Yoga/pilates

This will be during the juice fast.

After the fast, I will add the vitamins into the mix and maybe a protein shake as well.

The Vitamin schedule will be as follows:

Shen Min, EPO, silica

B-100, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid

MSM powder I will take once every 2-3 days, 250mg in a glass of water.

I like to start off working out 3-4 days a week and then move into doing it daily gradually. I am going to begin this plan tonight with a B&P shake and a good 30 min pilates workout.

I am going to check in every day until thursday in order to keep track of everything that I am doing and any changes/mistakes I have made.

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