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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weight issues

My normal weight is 125lbs.

When exercising and getting in shape I don't believe in weighing myself. I prefer to compare how I feel and how I look in pictures.

Well today I weighed myself and can I say I am not happy.

Last time I got on a scale, which was a few months ago, I weighed 135. Today I am at 141lbs.

I don't like it. I feel like I have not made much progress. I have been juicing for a few weeks consistently.
I did my juice fast and have been doing b&ps.

I have to say, I know its not a lot to some people but it is a lot for me. I am not used to being this weight.

The last time I weighed this much I was pregnant. The most I've ever weighed was 152lbs and that was at 9 months with my biggest baby. My little lady.

I have to focus on staying consistent. And I have to admit that I have been slacking off a little, but I am motivated to change.

25 is the age where you should start working out or else you will have issues later in life. For me my life at this time has been so hectic and stressful for me, my weight, and food choices have not been ideal.

The problem that I have encountered most is that even though I eat healthy I do tend to throw a lot of junk in there as well. I have been eating a lot of rice, so that is one thing that I will cut completely as well as the cookies...

I have an addiction. Its not anything crazy but when I get these cravings I cant seem to let them go. lol
I am addicted to chocolate! Especially around that time of the month, I do believe that it has helped curb my cramping, as I find when I don't eat it, its much worse. Chocolate is a pain killer, did you know that?

I have to say that after my scale shock I did punish myself and do an extra set of pilates yesterday. I am very sore today, but I am not going to slow it down and will be doing another set today. I might even increase to working out everyday as I find if I don't do it daily I tend to forget about it.

Ok I think I have rambled enough for today and will end with this. I have been consistent with my vits, but have been slacking off on the workouts. And I am going to re-evaluate my food choices to reduce starches and sugars.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting back in shape - Day 4 & 5

Yesterday was day 4. It was my off day for working out and since I had a few things going on & didn't get home till late I wasn't able to do any juicing.

Today however, was much better. I woke up & got in a good hour+ of yoga. No pilates just yet, but I will later. I have been juicing all day, so I guess I can say this is the first day of my 3 day juice fast. As long as I don't cheat! I did 1 B&P so far today.

Here is one I did which was very refreshing:

3 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 2 kale leaves, and a piece or ginger.

My trick to get the most juice out of the kale? I let it soak in water for a little while before juicing and then wrapped tightly around the carrots with the celery holding it all in place. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting back in shape- day 2 &3

Starting out I said I am going to workout every other day so yesterday I did not work out. My abs were a little sore from the day before.

I did some juicing yesterday and today after running to the grocery store really quick to pick up a ver things. Here is a quick vid of the things that I grabbed.

One juice that I did was Carrot, Celery, Lime, Ginger. Next time I'll use only half the lime as it was a bit too much tang.

I also did a apple, kiwi, strawberry, which was really good.

My favorite has always been carrot, celery, and ginger though.

Im going to do a B&P and my yoga later on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Check in 1 - Geting back in shape!

Yesterday I started my exercises. I decided to begin with the treadmill and did a good 15 min at a fast pace for the first and last 5 min and I ran for 5 min in the middle.

I do have Asthma so I cant run for very long without getting really winded, so I had to stop. After running on the treadmill I got out my yoga mat and did some stretches for a good 20 min and then did some pilates for another 20 min or so.

I did one B&P the very first night and yesterday I did 2 B&Ps.

I decided to put the 3 day juice fast off for a few more days because I have a few things going on this weekend and I don't want to start and be out with all the temptation... lol

So depending on my plans for this week I will most likely start on Monday next week.

I didn't stick to my plan completely but I did start out good. I am a little sore today and am going to go and do some yoga in a few minutes.

I found a great yoga channel on youtube finally. They have full length workouts, which is just what I have been looking for. I still want to find a channel or website that does free full length yoga and pilates videos. So I need to do a little more searching. :)

Monday, January 09, 2012

Protecting your hair after Straightening.

I did 2 quick videos showing how I protect my hair at night when I straighten my hair.

Here is the simple wrap:

And here is what I do to give the ends that much needed boost! :

My first Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I did my very first BKT the other day and can I say I immediately fell in love!

My hair came out great! Very soft, silky, and shiny with that perfect weight to it that makes it blow in the wind. Amazing!

Heres the video.

Being that this was my first time doing this I didnt spend any time looking at any of the other videos out there. I just followed the directions that were on the box. However the next time I try this out I will do it much more differently than I did the first time.

Next time I will make sure that after detangling each section I braid it back up so that it does not re tangle onto itself. I will also wear a shower cap for that 30 min it needs to set in so that it does not dry out as much before I blow dry.

I will also use the tension method to blow dry the hair so that I do not have to spend so much time detangling the hair after it has dried completely.

Other than that it was great! When applying the product I noticed how much easier it was to comb through the hair. It smelled nice and had a nice consistency. I used about a dime sized amount on each 2" section so I didnt over saturate the hair.

You are supposed to leave it straight for 2 days, but I did revert a small section in the back and I currently have not washed this out just yet.

It has been 4 days.

My hair still feels great. It still has that flow even though I have been using my castor oil which can weigh the hair down a bit.

I love it and I probably will not ever straighten my hair again without using this product.

I kind of want to try it out on my baby girl to see how it works out for her... hmmm...

Sunday, January 08, 2012

How do you work out?

I am 5'7".
I weigh around 130 lbs.

I have been having minor issues with my weight just recently over the past year or so. After having 3 children who isnt having weight problems??

I am far from being overweight but I have been between a size 1 and 3 my entire life. Now I am in a size 5 and on the verge of moving into a 7. I want to get back down to my perfect size 3.

My favorite workouts are yoga and pilates.

Yoga is very relaxing and helps greatly with any stiffness and problems along those lines. It stretches your body and greatly increases flexibility as well as strength.

I have been doing these workouts on and off for years and they have been very helpful in keeping my body fit and lean. However it has been a few years since I have exercised consistently. It is time for me to pick it back up before I gain any more weight.

What I like to do when I begin working out is a little juice fast for 3 days. I use B&P shakes as well and this helps clear out the system.

I am a strong believer in fasting and I base it on my experience with it not on what others have to say.

One key point I have noticed, if you begin fasting and feel like shit, that means you have to start slow. You have a ton of toxins in your system and if you release them too fast you will feel sick.

I want to start off with a 3 day juice fast while doing B&P shakes 2-3x a day. I may add a few days to the fast but after I finish I will continue the B&P shakes and begin my vitamin regimen.

I have been looking for a few good pilates/yoga videos but am not finding what I am really looking for so I will probably do it on my own. Throw some head phones in and get to work. I am also going to run on the treadmill for 20-30 min each day to get a little cardio in the workout.

What I am trying to work out is my schedule..

I am thinking of incorporating everything as follows:

Wake up, B&P shake, treadmill for 20 min
An hr or so later breakfast- juice

B&P shake

Before bed, B&P shake, Yoga/pilates

This will be during the juice fast.

After the fast, I will add the vitamins into the mix and maybe a protein shake as well.

The Vitamin schedule will be as follows:

Shen Min, EPO, silica

B-100, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid

MSM powder I will take once every 2-3 days, 250mg in a glass of water.

I like to start off working out 3-4 days a week and then move into doing it daily gradually. I am going to begin this plan tonight with a B&P shake and a good 30 min pilates workout.

I am going to check in every day until thursday in order to keep track of everything that I am doing and any changes/mistakes I have made.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My love of Mohawks

I love Mohawks!

When done correctly they can be edgy, classy, unique, and fun to wear.

For New Years I used the hair that I colored a few posts back and created an awesome style. Something like that would probably not be a good idea if you have a conservative job. I am editing the tutorial for that and will post this week.

Today I am rocking my natural hair in a hawk style and I loves it mucho!

This style was very easy to create.
I braided My hair wet in 2 right down the middle. Make sure the hair is brushed and smoothed upwards. I applied a little Eco Style gel to the sides and let it dry overnight with a scarf wrapped around.

When I unraveled the braids I had nice soft waves right down the middle. I used bobby pins to make sure the style stayed in place and Voila!

Please excuse the bland look on my face.. ;)

Why do we "hate" so much?

People in this world are slightly more tolerant than they were in the past, however it is human nature to be jealous or "hate" someone for whatever reason.

I was inspired to write this because of my little brother who is taller than me. He "hates" the awesome and super cute Justin Bieber and in turn has taught my son to dislike him as well. I love the biebs and am a super fan of this child who is almost 10 years younger than me and I teach my children not to "hate" people.

Naturally it upsets me when my little boy talks about how he hates Justin Bieber. Being the person that I am when someone is feeling some type of negative energy I like to talk to them and explore to find the root cause. Of course my son only dislikes him because my brother does.

My brother on the other hand "hates" him mostly because he does not like the hit song 'baby', which of course I love. His other reasons are because they share the same first name and that Bieber is a successful artist loved by millions. Hey just check out the insane amount of followers he has on Twitter!

But then, my brother informed me that he does enjoy Justin Timberlake. And I paused for a second and questioned him as to why in this world would you like Timberlake and not Bieber?? They are basically the same but different ages!!

Then I had to inform him of Timberlakes past just to see his reaction. Clearly my brother did not even know that not only was Timberlake a huge part of the boy band N'Sync but he was also on The Mickey Mouse Club with Brittany and Christina!!

Of course his reaction was shock and he then dismissed Timberlake as well.

As I stated before, I am a fan of Bieber so I conducted a little experiment. We were discussing Christmas songs and he's not really into them either. (Yea, I know) I decided to play a little song for him to see if he would like it. I did not tell him who the author was or the title of the song. To my surprise he actually reluctantly enjoyed the song!

The song I played was Justin Bieber's Mistletoe.

Awesome song!

I then shreaked in delight and ran down the hall laughing because I obviously thought it was THE funniest thing ever!

When I told him it was a Justin Bieber song his face went completely blank. He was completely speechless!

I am sure I will probably never let him live this down. I am his sister after all. Lol

The moral of this story. What is the point of hating someone for reasons that have little or nothing to do with you? I will never understand why people "hate" people they do not know or people who have never done anything to hurt them.

Being in the public eye in any form, there will be people who love you but there will always be that group of people who "hate" you simply because so many other people like you.

Spending your time hating on others is in my opinion one of the worst things you can do. There are so many other things you can do with your time. Why is it so important to spend your life being worried about others and creating negative energy?

It is better to open our minds and look for reasons to like someone or somethings instead of searching for reasons to hate them. Am I right??

Lets keep the positivity racing through our lives!

Happy New Year!!!

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