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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My Juicing Adventure!!

I was on a quest for a new juicer and had been looking at tons of reviews when I decided on the one made by Hamilton Beach. Walmart.com was the most inexpensive place to purchase this juicer. I ordered it on a sunday night after spending my friday scouring the shelves of three different stores. It arrived today, which is a Wednesday. Not bad.

I opened the box and was very pleased with the appearance of this juicer and could not wait to try it out!

Check this video out!

My initial review of this product:

The blade plate and the size of the basket I am happy with. The tube in which the fruits and veggies enter into is large and can accommodate larger items without having to do much prep work. It also is long enough so that there is very little space between the blade plate and the end of the tube. This way you do not lose much juice. Some machines have a wider space and can result in the loss of entire chunks of fruit, like grapes or blueberries.

Because the tube is so wide it can cause whats placed in to bounce around while inside. If this happens, simply use the plunger to push down. If you are juicing a carrot for example or something similar, you can put in a bunch at a time to reduce this.

When you are juicing, press down very slowly to get the maximum amount of juice.

I do like this juicer and at this point I would buy it again. Time will tell if it will really hold up, but Hamilton Beach is not too bad with their products in my experience. I have had items die on me, but it was only after extensive over use and overheating the motor. I am sure I probably will not be running this juicer for any extensive amount of time.

It took less than 2 minutes to juice what I had in the video above.

Clean up was great. The brush it came with made it really easy and wiped the screen clean.

I see no issues with this juicer. Again, this is my initial review. It may change over time and if it does I will post right away.

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