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Sunday, December 04, 2011


I am in the market for a new juicer and have done tons of research on all the different and new kind out there.

For the longest time centrifugal juicers have been the most popular, but now they are becoming obsolete. The way that they work tends to produce an inferior juice when compared to the masticating slow juicers.

I was originally going to purchase one of the Breville juicers, the cheapest one being a good $150. I have since decided against it.

Being the person I am, I have also decided against purchasing a slow juicer seeing that it would cost me about $350, since I had my eye on the Omega Vert.

I chose the hamilton beach stainless steel big mouth juicer. It is sold at walmart and where I live now there are not as many walmarts as I would like.

The website said that it was in stock in a store near by so I went on a hunt.

I went to three different stores looking for that particular juicer or at least one that was good enough. Sadly the entire trip was a complete fail. I left with nothing and decided to just go ahead and purchase from the website.

I chose a cheaper juicer mostly because I have previously owned a Juiceman and had no issues with it. It worked well until I dropped it off the counter and broke the top and the latch... But as far as quality there is a difference between the cheaper and more expensive juicers. However, whats the point it they both produce the same lower quality of juice.

The centrifugal juicers are good for hard fruits and veggies like carrots, celery, and apples, which will be the majority of what I will be juicing. Therefore I am not completely worried about it at this time.

I will eventually pick up a slow juicer but right now its going into my wishlist.

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