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Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas shopping

I enjoy making Christmas fun for the kids and I tend to go overboard when Christmas shopping. I took the babies to Toys R Us for Black Friday shopping and it was completely crazy!!

Each of the babies were each others Santa and were not exactly allowed to pick out anything for themselves. They were supposed to only pick things for eachother. It was interesting and I cant exactly say that my plan worked out perfectly.

We got a bunch of things that we could play as a group, mostly because I do not like spoiled or selfish children and my son has some of those tendencies due to the influence of others. I have been teaching him the importance of sharing and respecting others and he has been making a lot of progress.

I got a cute little Selena Gomez guitar for my little lady and hopefully she will be able to seriously pick that up. Music is very important and its always wonderful when a child can play and instrument. I grew up learning quite a few when I was a kid, like the piano and the flute.

By the time we left the store our cart was overflown. I am hoping no one buys them any more toys for Christmas and picks up clothes or shoes... :)
They have more than enough.

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