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Monday, December 12, 2011

Green Juice

I did some juicing today and came up with this. Is more savory than anything and next time I think I will add a little spinach and take some of the kale. If you like the taste of kale then go for it! But too much can make the juice a little too bitter.

1 Cucumber
1 Lime
1 Granny Smith Apple
5 Kale Leaves

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My Juicing Adventure!!

I was on a quest for a new juicer and had been looking at tons of reviews when I decided on the one made by Hamilton Beach. Walmart.com was the most inexpensive place to purchase this juicer. I ordered it on a sunday night after spending my friday scouring the shelves of three different stores. It arrived today, which is a Wednesday. Not bad.

I opened the box and was very pleased with the appearance of this juicer and could not wait to try it out!

Check this video out!

My initial review of this product:

The blade plate and the size of the basket I am happy with. The tube in which the fruits and veggies enter into is large and can accommodate larger items without having to do much prep work. It also is long enough so that there is very little space between the blade plate and the end of the tube. This way you do not lose much juice. Some machines have a wider space and can result in the loss of entire chunks of fruit, like grapes or blueberries.

Because the tube is so wide it can cause whats placed in to bounce around while inside. If this happens, simply use the plunger to push down. If you are juicing a carrot for example or something similar, you can put in a bunch at a time to reduce this.

When you are juicing, press down very slowly to get the maximum amount of juice.

I do like this juicer and at this point I would buy it again. Time will tell if it will really hold up, but Hamilton Beach is not too bad with their products in my experience. I have had items die on me, but it was only after extensive over use and overheating the motor. I am sure I probably will not be running this juicer for any extensive amount of time.

It took less than 2 minutes to juice what I had in the video above.

Clean up was great. The brush it came with made it really easy and wiped the screen clean.

I see no issues with this juicer. Again, this is my initial review. It may change over time and if it does I will post right away.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas shopping

I enjoy making Christmas fun for the kids and I tend to go overboard when Christmas shopping. I took the babies to Toys R Us for Black Friday shopping and it was completely crazy!!

Each of the babies were each others Santa and were not exactly allowed to pick out anything for themselves. They were supposed to only pick things for eachother. It was interesting and I cant exactly say that my plan worked out perfectly.

We got a bunch of things that we could play as a group, mostly because I do not like spoiled or selfish children and my son has some of those tendencies due to the influence of others. I have been teaching him the importance of sharing and respecting others and he has been making a lot of progress.

I got a cute little Selena Gomez guitar for my little lady and hopefully she will be able to seriously pick that up. Music is very important and its always wonderful when a child can play and instrument. I grew up learning quite a few when I was a kid, like the piano and the flute.

By the time we left the store our cart was overflown. I am hoping no one buys them any more toys for Christmas and picks up clothes or shoes... :)
They have more than enough.

Sunday, December 04, 2011


I am in the market for a new juicer and have done tons of research on all the different and new kind out there.

For the longest time centrifugal juicers have been the most popular, but now they are becoming obsolete. The way that they work tends to produce an inferior juice when compared to the masticating slow juicers.

I was originally going to purchase one of the Breville juicers, the cheapest one being a good $150. I have since decided against it.

Being the person I am, I have also decided against purchasing a slow juicer seeing that it would cost me about $350, since I had my eye on the Omega Vert.

I chose the hamilton beach stainless steel big mouth juicer. It is sold at walmart and where I live now there are not as many walmarts as I would like.

The website said that it was in stock in a store near by so I went on a hunt.

I went to three different stores looking for that particular juicer or at least one that was good enough. Sadly the entire trip was a complete fail. I left with nothing and decided to just go ahead and purchase from the website.

I chose a cheaper juicer mostly because I have previously owned a Juiceman and had no issues with it. It worked well until I dropped it off the counter and broke the top and the latch... But as far as quality there is a difference between the cheaper and more expensive juicers. However, whats the point it they both produce the same lower quality of juice.

The centrifugal juicers are good for hard fruits and veggies like carrots, celery, and apples, which will be the majority of what I will be juicing. Therefore I am not completely worried about it at this time.

I will eventually pick up a slow juicer but right now its going into my wishlist.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Health Talk - Juicing, Cleansing, and our Daily Diet

I enjoy cleansing and I like to try and make sure to do them regularly. When done correctly they make a world of difference in the way you feel overall.

I try to do the master cleanse at least once each year. I also do psyllium & benotnite cleanses every now and then. 

Since my last juicer broke I haven't been keeping up with juicing, but I also really like doing juice fasts every now and then.

I want to pick up a new juicer soon so that I can pick that back up again.

Cleansing is awesome.

Juicing is very interesting and healthy for you. It allows you to be able to take in all of the vitamins and nutrients that are in the fruits and vegetables, without all of the bulk and fiber. The thing is, that fiber is still necessary to keep things moving so you should still incorporate that into your diet.

When cleansing I have noticed that I feel completely different, during as well as after it is finished. Those of you who have tried it will know. I have been most successful with juice fasting, mostly because I like a variety. I have done the Master Cleanse and although it is great I do always have the cravings. Plus I tend to cheat and buy bottled lemon juice which you should not do!! Fresh lemons and limes are the only way to do it, as well as distilled water.

With the Babies I make it a point to keep fresh fruits in the house and they have vegetables with every single meal. Growing up the main focus has been the meat and starches in the meals my parents cooked. Now I try to switch it up and make the vegetables the focus or at least the majority of the plate is a vegetable.

I have cut down on the starches, yet keep pasta and whole wheat bread as part of our diets. 

As with meats, I love them far too much to cut them out completely. Therefore, I am by no means a vegan, nor do I want to be.

Eating healthy is very important and many people carry the stigma that kids do not like vegetables. This is a fallacy we need to let go of. Children will eat anything that tastes good and anything they see on a regular basis.

I do let them have candy, cookies and things of the like but that is not available to them all the time.

I hope you have found this helpful and everyone in your household is eating healthy!

Thursday, December 01, 2011


In this blog my goal is to post about life and my life living as a single mother of three. Hauls, meals, diets, advice, parenting issues, anything I feel like writing about, I will post here. I'm an open book. I enjoy speaking about things that pertain to everyday life and "normal people".

Its the first of the month!

So its the first of December and I am excited about everything that will be going on this month!

Christmas is going to be amazing. I went to toys r us for black Friday and did some serious damage. I had the babies each pick out presents for eachother. They couldn't grab anything for themselves and we left with an overflown cart.

It was a lot of fun & then we went home & wrapped them all in toy story gift wrap. They are stacked up waiting for the tree to be put up.

I want to take them to see the tree at the rockafeller center sometime this weekend. They just had the tree lighting event last night, with the Beiber. I wanted to go but I had other things going on. :(
I did get to witness the Obama drive-by. Talk about security! It was crazy. Streets blocked off all over Manhattan, even to pedestrians! I had to walk 2 streets over just to cross Park ave!

New years, I am really excited for. Times Square is always crazy so that's most likely where I will be!
The hair situation.

Right now I am in the middle of some mini twists which are taking forever. I started the other day and have been so busy yesterday and today that I'm still only half way done. Hopefully I will finish them by tomorrow night or so.

I am going to wear these until the end of the year. So a good 30 days.

For new years my style will be a pink & purple mowhawk!!
The color job that I did below..

It's going to look awesome and ill keep it till I'm tired of seeing it. After that I will probably put it up in my kinky twists.

I am excited about my 2012 challenges and am mentally preparing myself for success. I know that I am good for starting something and not completely following through, but I'm sure I can do it without any short cuts... Or maybe just a few? Lol

Here's a shot of the twists. I'm in Subway with a chicken, bacon, & ranch on honey oat and a caramel frappuccino waiting on me. Yum!

Gotta go!!

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