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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Overdue: Straightening my Natural Hair

I meant to post this but long since forgot all about it. But here are the pics of my hair after I blowdried and flat ironed it. I wore this for a good 2 weeks or so and washed it out 3 days ago.

To maintain, I kept the hair wrapped when not out. I put castor oil or my Chi Silk Infusion on it whenever it felt like it needed a moisture boost.

I have not worn my hair straight for a good 2 years, I think. I needed a pick me up. My hair is growing back out and growing well. I did a good trim while my hair was straight, because split ends irk the Hell out of me. But I am glad I did starighten it and the next time I do, I will try a brazillian keratin treatment.

I have heard about them for a while but because I just did a protein treatment I figured it would be protein overload and cause my hair to break.

After I shampooed out my hair I deep conditioned for 24 hrs with Lekair Cholesterol plus. And at the moment I have it in a ponytail baggy, contemplating my next hairstyle. I was actually inspired by a young lady on BHM and think I know what I am going to do next before I throw in my kinky twists.

Here are the pics. Taken the day I finished flat ironing.

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