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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Goals for 2012

I realize that when I write down my goals I am much better at keeping them and achieving those goals. So I am going to list my hair goals for the year 2012 here. As well as what I plan to do to achieve those goals. I am going to write out what has worked in the past and how I am going to modify it now.

I am currently right at APL. My final goal will be MBL. I need 16" from root to tip to make it there and 22" from crown to be full MBL with no layers. Since I like layers I am going to aim for 18" from root to tip.

Goal. Growth needed. Goal date.

1. Full APL. I need 2-3 more inches. April 2012.
2. BSL. I need a good 4". July/August 2012.
3. MBL. Need about 6-8". December 2012 - February 2013.

Persoanl Challenges to achieve goals
Protective styles challenge for the entire year of 2012.
Baggy challenge
Crown & Glory challenge
Deep condiotioning challenge
APL, BSL, MBL challenges
Vitamin challenge

What has worked in the past
Growth aids- vitamins, MN
Protective styles- ponytail baggy, sewins, twists, ect.
Frequent cowashing & deep conditioning

It may be a little ambicious(*sp) of me to try to grow 8" in 16 months or less. This means that I have no room for setbacks. No room for breakage, trims, slacking off... Lol If I want to try for less than the allotted time then I would have to incorporate growth aids into my regimen and stick with it.

My next post I will go into detail about my personal challenges and the steps I need to complete each challenge.

Stay tuned!

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