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Monday, October 10, 2011

A quick update of my hair

Since chopping off my hair, about a year and a half ago, I have not been as aggressive with taking care of my hair as I have been in the past.

Its been about 20 months since the chop, which would yeild me a good 10" of new growth. I chopped it down to about 4" all over and if I would have had no breakage what so ever I would be at 14" which for me is a little longer than APL.

I just measured my hair and it ranges between 10-11" all over. I measure my hair from root to tip. Right now my hair is at APL with layers, with the shortest layer being chin length.

This means that I have lost about 3-4" due to breakage and trims. Which truthfully is not bad, I was expecting much more. :(

Over the past year or so I have been wearing sewins and curently I have been rocking my two strand twists over the past month or so.

My goal is to get back to MBL with layers.

14" will put me at BSL with layers and full APL.
22" will put me at full MBL, but since I prefer layers I will only need 16" all over.

Therefore, if I take care of my hair and avoid breakage as much as possible I will make my goal in a year give or take.

Let's see if I can do it.

I have a few pics of my current hairstyle on twitter. Its kind of a two strand twist mohawk. I really like it and will be redoing it in a few days because its a little old.

After this style I will probably be going back to my daily cowashes and ponytail baggy.

I will try to update more often.

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