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Monday, October 31, 2011


So ELF had a little sale a few days ago. I'm all for a good sale, so I picked up a few things. I like ELF because they are extremely affordable and most of the products aren't half bad. I have a few ELF foundation brushes and have tried their lashes which are very good quality considering the price.

Everyone needs a little ELF in their kit.

I have not tried their makeup though, and when I saw this palette I had to at least try it. I have tried those palettes that we see everywhere that are not very good. People rave about them because of how pigmented they are and how many colors you get, but in reality they are extremely powdery and wear off very quickly.

I grabbed this one thinking, "hey, it couldn't be any worse."

I am very happy with this purchase. Many of the reviews say that quite a few of the shadows have no pay off and I swatched as many as I could trying to find one that looked like it would be crap. I have to say that I did not find one that was not good!

They all swatched very well and that Red! OMG! There is never a good red on these types of palettes but this one takes the cake! It's awesome! Vibrant and a true red!

I am very pleased so far.

I also grabbed a few lashes and some HD powder. I can honestly say I do not feel the difference between this and the MUFE HD powder.

All in all, I'm going to have to grab a few more things from ELF very soon and I hope you do too! This entire package came up to less than $30!!! You can't beat that!!

Now I need to decide what I really want from the Sephora friends and family sale... ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting ready for straight hair

I have decided to go ahead and straighten my hair. I have been wearing the ponytail baggy for the last week or so, in order to increase the moisture in the ends of my hair.

I realized that since I have not been as anal about my hair as before I was experiencing breakage way more than I would have liked. So I decided to nip it now than to let it continue.

If I would have done this sooner my hair would be a good 4" longer than it is now.

I have been wearing the baggy with castor oil, suave and aphogee conditioner in it. The baggy has helped a lot and my ends are much smoother and softer. However I was not at that place where my hair is in tip top condition.

I began my process with washing my hair with suave conditioner and rinsed very well. I towel dried my hair and applied the aphogee 2step protein treatment, and blow dried till crunchy. ;)

I then rinsed it all out and marveled at the feel of my hair.

It's been so long since I've done a protein treatment. My hair is greatful.

Finally, I slathered my hair with Silicone Mix conditioner and Queen Helen cholesterol conditioner.

Right now, my hair is under a plastic cap and satin scarf, deep conditioning. I will be back tomorrow to finish up with a blow dry & flat iron, as well as pics of course.

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Hair Care Haul

Because I'm so obsessed with hair care & styling I went to 2 beauty supply stores and picked up a few more things.

I got a bunch of magnetic rollers in different sizes from small to large. As well as clips to hold them in place.

Grabed a shower cape and satin scarf, just because. Two large jars of hair gel to use for smoothing ponytails & wash & goes. Two more combs. The purple one I use when flatironing. It makes sure the hair comes out very smooth.

I then found a great set of tools used when coloring the hair, so I had to grab that. And some ApHogee reconstructor and 2 step protein treatment.

Finally I picked up some hair for my next few styles. Some Kanekalon Marley braid hair for kinky twists, as well as a drawstring ponytail by Outre.

All items are pictured below.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A quick update of my hair

Since chopping off my hair, about a year and a half ago, I have not been as aggressive with taking care of my hair as I have been in the past.

Its been about 20 months since the chop, which would yeild me a good 10" of new growth. I chopped it down to about 4" all over and if I would have had no breakage what so ever I would be at 14" which for me is a little longer than APL.

I just measured my hair and it ranges between 10-11" all over. I measure my hair from root to tip. Right now my hair is at APL with layers, with the shortest layer being chin length.

This means that I have lost about 3-4" due to breakage and trims. Which truthfully is not bad, I was expecting much more. :(

Over the past year or so I have been wearing sewins and curently I have been rocking my two strand twists over the past month or so.

My goal is to get back to MBL with layers.

14" will put me at BSL with layers and full APL.
22" will put me at full MBL, but since I prefer layers I will only need 16" all over.

Therefore, if I take care of my hair and avoid breakage as much as possible I will make my goal in a year give or take.

Let's see if I can do it.

I have a few pics of my current hairstyle on twitter. Its kind of a two strand twist mohawk. I really like it and will be redoing it in a few days because its a little old.

After this style I will probably be going back to my daily cowashes and ponytail baggy.

I will try to update more often.

Hair Care Haul - Marshalls

I made a trip to Marshalls to pick up a few things that I wanted but didn't necessarily need. Marshalls is a great place to shop because they have great products at low prices. Walking into the store I knew what I wanted to get but I cant seem to keep to my list because I always see other things that I want to get.

Here's what I got:

A Revlon Blow Dryer with attachments

A Jilbre 1 1/2" ceramic flat iron and a 1/2" Chi ceramic flat iron.

A few round brushes (Boar bristle of course) and a paddle brush.

As I was passing through the store I came across the kitchenware & glassware section where I grabbed a few more things.

I completely fell in love with theses platters that were on display.

This one looks like a flower petal. I love it!

I love the color on this one. Its so pretty!


And this one. The pictures do not do it justice. Its a sparkly bronze, gold and silver. Very beautiful.

All and all I had a great shopping trip which did not break the bank. If I were to buy any of these items at their original retail value they would just about equal the cost of what I paid total for everything.

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