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Monday, June 06, 2011

What I hate most!!

You know what I hate most?

I hate when Bloggers and Youtubers disappear without notice for months and years at a time and come back like its all good....

So here I am pretending it really is and checking in to let you know that I am an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

Life brings so many obstacles and people who try to bring you down, but I strive for the best. I keep pushing forward. I always have a game plan.

And here I am still standing tall. On my own two feet no matter what others said or did to spite me.

I prefer to surround myself with positive energy, with people who bring out the best in me and I feed off of the energy of those who only know success.

Here I am. At a point in my life where absolutely not one person matters to me aside from my children. Because I do it better by myself.

I am the Definition of an Independent Woman.

I stand alone. With confidence.

Here I am.

I will be blogging again and on twitter. Youtube will be in the near future.

My website will be coming soon!

www.MarleynaA.com      (yes that is my name)

And here is a pic of my current hairstyle for your pleasure. ;)

Wet & Wavy Indian Remy hair. Janet Collection. 12" Full sew in done my none other than me. 


Nefertiti said...

Welcome back, Mar! When I first discovered the wide world of hair care videos on YouTube in the summer of 2010, you were one of my biggest resources and inspirations. I was so sad that you went *poof* just as soon as I found your channel. Something made me think of you and your blog today, and I'm so glad to see that you're blogging again and have plans to make videos again. Can't wait to see more from you!

marand13 said...

Lol I did kinda disappear into thin air.. :/
I am happy to know that you still support me! Thank you so much & I will be doing a lot more in the near future.

I am working on a few huge projects right now & will launch when all is ready! :)

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