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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Review - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

I was browsing through Mac a while back in need of a new foundation when I came across the Pro Longwear. I decided why not try it because I could always return it if I hated it. I also grabbed the Pro Longwear concealer.

My shade in MAC foundation is usually NC45.

For the concealer I always get the same shade. I don't know why people insist that your concealer should be a shade or 2 lighter than your skin tone. If you want to conceal something then the concealer should be the same color as your foundation or skin, other wise you are going to have light spots all over your face.

Not a good look in my opinion.

I did however get a lighter shade for the concealer because I wanted to specifically use it under my eyes to brighten my face. Plus I already have enough concealers in NC45... So I got the Pro Longwear in NC43.

From the very first time I used it I was in love. It provided great coverage and it really lasted all day long.

I do have very acne prone skin but it didn't seem to break me out. But then again I don't wear foundation everyday and I have more hormonal acne.

It gave really good coverage with 2 pumps but it can tend to go on streaky so be sure to blend, blend, blend!!

I started off using a regular foundation brush to apply but found I was using more product than necessary. I then moved to a duo fiber brush which I found was not dense enough so I am now using a dense fluffy brush from Eco Tools to apply. A good Kabuki would work well also.

Since I began applying this way I found I am using much less product, which is great because I absolutely HATE the feeling of heavy makeup and I don't like feeling like I am applying a product for no reason if the coverage was not good enough. I am very picky when it comes to makeup.

After I apply the foundation, I add a little concealer if needed and then dust some powder on top to set as my skin can get very oily.

I also prefer to apply my foundation after I apply any eye makeup to avoid fallout and making a mess.

I will post pics wearing this foundation and concealer soon!

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