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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drugstore Haul

So I was browsing through a nearby Rite Aid and because of my recent mishap at the nail shop I decided I was long over due for some new nail care supplies.

The drugstores in NYC are great as far as their selection in beauty products. They had a very nice range of Essie nail polishes. Since I didn't own any myself I decided to grab a few, among other things.

Heres what I got.

 Sally's Hard as Wraps Nail Hardener, Nutra Nail Thickener, Essie Nail colors in Dive Bar & Beach Bum Blu, Sally's Insta-dri top coat, and Brucci Acrylic top coat.

The lighter blue is Beach Bum Blu and it reminds me of my favorite China Glaze color Adore. I love it! And the darker color is called Dive Bar. It is a really dark navy with blue, green, and purple shimmers. Love! <3

Wet and Wild eyeshadows and Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara.
The palette is called greed and the colors are great for a neutral smokey eye. The top single shadow is called Nutty and the bottom is called penny. They are great compliments to the palette.

Wet and Wild H2O proof liquid eyeliner and Nivea a Kiss of Shimmer

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