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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nail of the Night

I did my nails the other day and i totally love them.

I used 2 Essie polishes from my recent trip to the drugstore and a glittery NYC polish in Starry Silver Glitter.

The glitter polish is lovely. It has small silver glitters with big blue and pink chunks. When I saw it I had to have it, bonus that it was only a dollar!

I put one color down and let it dry then i added the second color, dotting it over the top and I then took a toothpick and kind of marbled the color to get the effect shown.

The pic was taken on the 3rd day of wear. Pretty good.

Products used.

Nutra nail thickener as a base coat

Essie Beach Bum Blu - the lighter shade

Essie Dive Bar - the darker shade

NYC Long wearing enamal - 105 Starry Silver Glitter

Brucci acrylic top coat

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drugstore Haul

So I was browsing through a nearby Rite Aid and because of my recent mishap at the nail shop I decided I was long over due for some new nail care supplies.

The drugstores in NYC are great as far as their selection in beauty products. They had a very nice range of Essie nail polishes. Since I didn't own any myself I decided to grab a few, among other things.

Heres what I got.

 Sally's Hard as Wraps Nail Hardener, Nutra Nail Thickener, Essie Nail colors in Dive Bar & Beach Bum Blu, Sally's Insta-dri top coat, and Brucci Acrylic top coat.

The lighter blue is Beach Bum Blu and it reminds me of my favorite China Glaze color Adore. I love it! And the darker color is called Dive Bar. It is a really dark navy with blue, green, and purple shimmers. Love! <3

Wet and Wild eyeshadows and Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara.
The palette is called greed and the colors are great for a neutral smokey eye. The top single shadow is called Nutty and the bottom is called penny. They are great compliments to the palette.

Wet and Wild H2O proof liquid eyeliner and Nivea a Kiss of Shimmer

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Review - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

I was browsing through Mac a while back in need of a new foundation when I came across the Pro Longwear. I decided why not try it because I could always return it if I hated it. I also grabbed the Pro Longwear concealer.

My shade in MAC foundation is usually NC45.

For the concealer I always get the same shade. I don't know why people insist that your concealer should be a shade or 2 lighter than your skin tone. If you want to conceal something then the concealer should be the same color as your foundation or skin, other wise you are going to have light spots all over your face.

Not a good look in my opinion.

I did however get a lighter shade for the concealer because I wanted to specifically use it under my eyes to brighten my face. Plus I already have enough concealers in NC45... So I got the Pro Longwear in NC43.

From the very first time I used it I was in love. It provided great coverage and it really lasted all day long.

I do have very acne prone skin but it didn't seem to break me out. But then again I don't wear foundation everyday and I have more hormonal acne.

It gave really good coverage with 2 pumps but it can tend to go on streaky so be sure to blend, blend, blend!!

I started off using a regular foundation brush to apply but found I was using more product than necessary. I then moved to a duo fiber brush which I found was not dense enough so I am now using a dense fluffy brush from Eco Tools to apply. A good Kabuki would work well also.

Since I began applying this way I found I am using much less product, which is great because I absolutely HATE the feeling of heavy makeup and I don't like feeling like I am applying a product for no reason if the coverage was not good enough. I am very picky when it comes to makeup.

After I apply the foundation, I add a little concealer if needed and then dust some powder on top to set as my skin can get very oily.

I also prefer to apply my foundation after I apply any eye makeup to avoid fallout and making a mess.

I will post pics wearing this foundation and concealer soon!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Perfect Pedicure

I kind of have a thing where I dont like people touching me. I hate for other people to do my hair. I do however get my nails done on occasion.

I do know how to do nails, acrylics and ect.. but sometimes its good to pamper yourself.

Never again!! (for me at least.. )

I was walking around the east village and decided on a whim to get a mani/pedi.

She did my nails using the dipping system. The overlay did come out very nice, but the french tips were crooked. But I'm always unhappy with the french tips when they paint them on. I prefer airbrush.

Anyway, when it was time for the pedi they did a half ass job. Even tho my feet are already nice and smooth other salons take more time. She did my french tips, which were better than my fingers so I was happy.

That is until a couple days later.

The overlay began to chip the second day and my second toe began to itch and burn.

I realized I was developing a mild case of athletes foot, so I ran to the drug store and got some Miconozole Nitrate spray. I covered my toe and surrounding areas with the spray and by the next day the itching and burning was gone.

I've gotten my nails done quite a few times at these shops but have never had such a bad experience because they are usually very professional and clean. But after that, never again will I put my soft, pretty feet in their basins. I will do it myself.

MarAnd313's at home Pedicure

  • If you would like to soak your feet you should do so at the beginning. Fill your foot spa with water and add a little olive oil and let your feet soak for about 20 min. This would be a good time for your SO to pamper you with a massage.
  • Use a callus blade on the heels and balls of your feet. Even though my feet are already smooth I still do this every time to make sure the dead skin does not build up. I like to do this on towel dried feet.
  • Massage your favorite lotion into your skin and a few drops of oil or cuticle cream into your cuticles.
  • Dry the nail with nail polish remover/acetone or alcohol to help prevent your polish from chipping.
  • Apply your favorite base coat, two layers of your color, and your favorite top coat and let dry for at least 10 minutes to prevent smudges.
  • Sometime when I wear sandals my heels get extra dry. What I do then is take some heavy creamy moisturizer and saran wrap and wrap my feet up and put a sock over it. I leave that on until I get tired of the plastic. The longer you leave it on the better. You can also get the socks that have jelly inside they work just the same.

When your done you should have soft smooth feet and pretty toes just like me!!


I do a full pedicure about once a month and touch up the nail polish as needed in between.

Tweezerman is the best brand and if you want quality that will last you go with this. I have seen cheaper versions available at sally's for about $2.

Monday, June 06, 2011

What I hate most!!

You know what I hate most?

I hate when Bloggers and Youtubers disappear without notice for months and years at a time and come back like its all good....

So here I am pretending it really is and checking in to let you know that I am an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

Life brings so many obstacles and people who try to bring you down, but I strive for the best. I keep pushing forward. I always have a game plan.

And here I am still standing tall. On my own two feet no matter what others said or did to spite me.

I prefer to surround myself with positive energy, with people who bring out the best in me and I feed off of the energy of those who only know success.

Here I am. At a point in my life where absolutely not one person matters to me aside from my children. Because I do it better by myself.

I am the Definition of an Independent Woman.

I stand alone. With confidence.

Here I am.

I will be blogging again and on twitter. Youtube will be in the near future.

My website will be coming soon!

www.MarleynaA.com      (yes that is my name)

And here is a pic of my current hairstyle for your pleasure. ;)

Wet & Wavy Indian Remy hair. Janet Collection. 12" Full sew in done my none other than me. 

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