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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day with my hair

I have been wearing my hair in kinky twists for about a month or so and decided it was time to take them out. I cut the ends off and me and my lady began to unravel them one by one. I then hopped in the shower and slathered my hair with suave vanilla floral conditioner. I let that sit for a few minutes and then began to detangle. Section by section, starting from the ends first I worked through my hair.

When all of that was done I shampooed my hair with Creme of Nature shampoo, massaging it into my scalp. I rinsed very well making sure my scalp was very clean. I then added a little more suave conditioner to my hair and let it air dry for just a few minutes so that it was not dripping wet.

I noticed that there was some breakage so I decided to use my ApHogee 2step protein treatment. I made sure that it coated my hair completely while blow drying section by section. When it was all dry I then rinsed it out very well. I then applied Lekairs conditioner and let that sit overnight.

When I rinsed that conditioner out the next morning... It felt like Buttah Baby!! So soft and silky smooth. I wrapped it up and am currently getting ready for my next protective style... Stay tuned! There will be a tutorial!! :)

Mar ♥
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