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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another style

This style I did a little while ago and am just now getting the chance to put it up. Same chick from before. What I did was I added 27 piece hair around the back and one side. I cut and layered it real nice. I then added longer pieces to the top and other side cut it in a kind of feathered style and curled it away from the face. I loved it!! It looked great in person, I wish I could have gotten more pics.


1 comment:

Earl said...

Your hair looks great! It's like you've fixed your hair for a formal event or something. It looks good! Maybe I'll show this to the girls here in the house. I think they're going to like how you style your hair and your wigs. They've been taking care of Tony of Beverly wigs here, styling them, and wearing them. Oh, I think they have Vivica Fox wigs, too. They take care of the wigs as if they were part of them. You wouldn't want wigs to look unnatural, right?

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