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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Progress since the BC!!

I just took my lacewing off. Decided that it was time to let my hair breathe. I took out my braids and this is what my hair looked like. 

I believe that I had my hair in this protective style for about 1.5 months. I expected for there to be a lot of shedding when I detangled especially with my use of MegaTek. Here are a few length shots. Now mind you I chopped my hair down to about 3-4" in Feb. Its been 3 months since so I should have around 1.5"of new growth. Right?? Why dont you tell me.. 




It looks to me like it has gained at least 2-3"! I am going to attribute that to my topical growth aid that I made and my vista. I actually stopped using my scalp cream about a week or so ago because of my work schedule I seemed to have forgotten it. I have kept consistent with my vista for the most part so its all good!

After the length check I then began to wash my hair. I wet it down then slathered it with suave coconut conditioner. I detangled it with a wide tooth comb in order to remove as much shead hair as I could. I got a large amount of shedding but not too much. Nothing to worry about. I then shampooed my hair with creme of nature twice to remove all the build up I had on my scalp and hair. Then I cowshed with suave coconut to soften the hair back up. I did not rinse it out. When I got out of the shower I smothered my hair with Lekairs cholesterol plus and motions conditioner. Left it on overnight. Since I am letting my hair breath I will be cowashing daily and wearing my hair in a simple protective style.

I have it in a ponytail at the moment when I do something to it I will post it here. I gotta do my lady's hair today also. Lets hope I don't forget. She needs a good cowash! Then I'm going to braid her up and throw on some knockers. Will twitpic!!

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