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Monday, May 17, 2010

My lacefront and updates

Over the past month or so I have been wearing my hair braided underneath my lacefront wig. This is going to be my protective style for a little while longer. I do not glue it down every day when I wear it. I do however glue the front hairline down and tie it with a scarf for a few minutes when I am going to be out or if the wind is blowing to keep it secure. Don't want the wind to blow the hairline up while in the middle of a conversation you know.. lol

I wash my lace wig every other day to keep it looking fresh. I have found that the hair on this wig really needs to be freshly washed sometimes daily or it gets really tangled. I condition with every wash using a deep conditioner once a week.

As for styling the wig.. I mostly just wear it straight. This wig is light yaki chinese hair. And for me it is very hard to curl. I have spent countless hours in front of the mirror trying to get it to curl with my FHI iron. Only to achieve a bump at the ends.. lol Then the bum falls completely by the end of the day.... :/ Oh well.

I redo my braids every other week when they feel loose or too frizzy. I remove my wig every night and put it on my wig head. I tie my hair down with a satin scarf. I shampoo my scalp while my braids are still in every week to keep it nice and clean and itch free.

I have been using my scalp cream that I made every day as my topical growth aid. It contains both sulfur powder and MegaTek, along with a few essential oils.

I am working my way back to getting everything back on track!! I have started back on my vits been consistent for about a month or so. My skin is starting to clear up!! Yess!! I have noticed that I am a bit more energetic also. Yay for me!!

I actually bought this wig about 2 years ago from a chinese vendor. I have old pics in my fotki album HERE and I recently twitpic'd it HERE and HERE

The password to the LF album is ltyaki
All the specs on this particular wig are in the info portion of that album.

I do want to get another lace wig. Next time I will try out Indian hair!! Gotta do some research on the current vendor that are out there now.


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Earl said...

That's also what my mother does with her African American wigs. She washes and conditions them once every three days to maintain their good condition. In fact, she told me that her wigs turn heads all the time because it's bouncy and it takes several years off of her age. I hope she continues wearing them. You should too, Mar!

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