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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Makeup Mania haul...

I have heard alot about La Femme blushes and decided that I wanted to try them out. I did some searches and for a few websites that sold them. They are actually incredibly cheap. I decided to purchase from Makeupmania.com

I also found some other things that I was also interested in purchasing for my kit from this site such as, Ben Nye Banana powder and a Japonesque emtly lip palette.

I made my order and got free shipping because it was over $100. I waited for it to come in the mail... I waited and waited... and waited....

I did call in to speak to someone.. Finally I received my package about a month later. They told me many of the items I ordered were on back order and they had to restock because of an overwhelming amount of orders of those particular products, mostly the La Femme blushes!!

Ok so, I cracked open my box to discover one of the items I ordered missing. Called them yet again to find out what was going on and finally just a few days ago I received all of the rest of the products that I ordered, over 2 months later... ughh...

The quality is good, so was the customer service even though I did have to play phone tag alot. All in all I would order from this company again but I would call and make sure that they had the products that I wanted in stock ahead of time to avoid what I experienced with this order... Call me crazy but some of their prices are unbeatable!

Heres what I got...

The blushes were $2.50 each. I got 22 of them! I do wish that they had a wider color range. I was looking for some darker shades of brown.. Maybe I'm being picky, they do have a TON of colors.. :P

Ben Nye Banana powder and Neutral set powder.

La Femme cake mascara in Brown and Black.

3 Lip pencils

4 brow pencils

I also got 2 eyeliners in blue and black (not pictured).. Nothing special.

& finally a Japonesque double sided empty lipstick palette. Great for the kit!!

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