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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting back on track!!

It can be very easy to lose your way and forget to keep up with your hair regimen. I myself have found that since I cut my hair I have not kept up with the things I used to do with my hair.
I have not been wearing my satin scarf every night, which in my experience is a huge nono...
I have been washing whenever I feel like instead of sticking to a weekly regimen of shampooing and deep conditioning...

Bad Bad Mar!!! Lol

However, I have kept up with my daily cowashing. This I can say makes up for my lack of consistency. My hair remains soft as ever and I do not experience too much breakage.

Don't get me wrong... If I do keep this up then I will not make much progress. I will not make it back to BSL. Therefore, I must nip this in the bud!! My life as a hard working single mom has been absolutely Crazy!! There is not much about myself that I do actually put online. However things are beginning to get a little easier... (I hope lol)

I have now made the decision to get my hair back where it needs to be. I am going to put myself through a personal challenge so that I can be better all around! Hair, health, all together healthy happy lifestyle for all of us in my household... Is that possible??

I recently moved into a new house. Met family members who I never knew existed!! And cut ties with more people who brought negativity to my otherwise happy life. Chopped off all my hair...

Ummm.... Yea I think it's about time to start fresh lol

My laptop is busted for now. I'm posting from my iPod.. :P I will be able to go into greater detail and post more often once I get it fixed.

But right now I am going to start off by shampooing and deep conditoning my hair. I am then going to throw in some French braids as my protective style for the week. By then my laptop should be fixed... I think...
In the mean time I am going to go through all my old posts for old techniques and such so that I can come up with a simple game plan.

That's all for now!!

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