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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Working with your hair, Not against it!

Its funny how whenever I spend time with people that I have not been around before, it kinda reminds me of how different peoples perspectives on hair care can be. I have been spending time with new family members that I never knew about before and here is a rundown on the situation.

My daughters hair was in braids with knockers and barrettes. I washed and detangled her hair and put it in 2 ponytails. My aunt says she wants to do my daughters hair... Ummm...

She goes, 'do you have grease?' I say 'We don't use grease.. We use conditioner and moisturizer..' She than says she wants to blow dry her hair so she can braid it up... Ummmm... Not happening!

I left and when I came back they were blowdrying and combing out my lady's hair!! OMG WTF!! My little lady was screaming her head off!! Funny thing is she is the one who asked them to do her hair cause she wanted beads... lol 

My aunt comes down and is like does she scream like that when you do it?? 'Ummm... NO!' I tell her how I do not touch her hair with any comb or brush unless her hair is soaking wet and slathered with conditioner. And absolutely NO bristle brushes!!

She did not quite understand why apparently.. So my lady comes down and I am a little ticked off cause you can smell that burt hair smell... It was dry and stiff... And it didn't look any better from being blow dried!!

My aunt kept telling me that her hair needs to be combed out.. 'Ummm... No it doesn't" I say. With the texture of her natural hair detangling will not get you very far. 

I told her that with this kind of hair you have to work with it not against it. You are not going to get rid of every coil and tangle, and blowdrying is NOT the solution! You will cause more breakage that way! 

When caring for and growing out our hair we will not see any progress with too much breakage. We must avoid it all together!

When I do my lady's hair I detangle each section as I go. I do not detangle her whole head first unless she has a massive amount of tangles, knots, and shed hair. By doing it section by section it causes less pain on my little one's scalp.

I sat down with a spray bottle filled with water and suave humectant conditioner and go to work!

Look at all the screaming she was doing with them. She did not scream once when I did her hair. My sweet little honey told me that she won't let anyone else do her hair ever again.

All this to say, when caring for your hair you can not get frustrated, and you must work WITH you hair. You can not work AGAINST it, it will just cause problems and you will not see any progress. 

Mar <333


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