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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Storing Makeup -Train Cases

Pro Rolling Aluminum Makeup Case W/ Dividers

As I began to buy more and more makeup I found that one of my biggest challenges was finding a place to store it all. At first my collection was small enough where I could just store it in a little makeup bag which spent its time in my bathroom cabinet.

My collection kept growing... I became interested in more then just greys and browns. So I went to walmart and got one of those little plastic drawers that you may see many people using. It was around $8 I think so not bad in price, It lasts a long time too, I bought it about 2 years ago and still have it somewhere.

The thing about a product like that was... I have kids! Something that they can reach for, pull down, and open up was really not practical. I used the drawer thingy for a little while until I discovered train cases. I did a little research on the different kinds out there and decided that Target was the best place for me to get one.

I got a really cute Caboodles makeup case with black lace covering it. I Love it! It is so cute and it has kept my makeup safe. It has locks on it also, keeps those tiny fingers away! I think the one I have is a 11" or 13". Its not as small as the ones they have on amazon.

They sell mine at Target and Walmart. Target did have a better selection. More colors and designs. They are priced the same at both stores, I think. Well they were when I bought mine over a year ago...

This thing has held up pretty good. It does feel a little flimsy but it has not fallen apart at all and I don't think it will.
Heres a pic of my little baby.. 

As my collection grew my cute little caboodles just could not cut it anymore.. I found this bag stashed away at my moms house. They weren't using it so I took it. I knew they wouldn't miss it. :P

Here are a few shots of the inside of both...

I am over packed! I can't fit anything else into either one of these things! It is time for a real traincase...

So after doing as much research as I could trying to find the best prices and models available I decided that http://yazmo.com/ was indeed the best place to purchase from right now..

This website has a good variety of traincases available. They are offering free shipping for the month of March! I found 3 that I am very interested in purchasing...

This one I have been eyeing ever for months! However, the price has stopped me from splurging. $250 for a soft duffel bag type traincase is a very steep price in my opinion....
I do like that it has a ton of different compartments and pockets but do not think I will buy it.

This is the next case that caught my eye. I like that it is all black and that it has the 2 sections. 

This is the one that I think I will get first. It is the cheapest and I like how it is made.

The only issue I have right now is that... 

BOTH the train cases that I actually want are OUT OF STOCK!!!!

I sent a message asking when they were restocking but still have not gotten a reply days later.. Does this say something about their customer service?? Hmmm... They have the same kind as the last one above on ebay for the same price however they do not have it in the color that I want. I seriously do not want a silver one... At all. I think I will wait till they restock at yazmo, unless someone can point me to a website that has the exact same model and color for the same price...

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