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Monday, March 01, 2010

My take on transitioning from relaxed to natural!!- The Big Chop!

When should you do the big chop!?!

Everyone is different. Everyone has different goals and priorities. It all depends on the person and what they can and are willing to handle when dealing with their hair.

I have never done a BC by cutting away all my hair.. ie. a bald fade. lol By doing it this way you eliminate the hassle and issues involved in transitioning. I like the idea because by cutting away all of your hair you can see how you look with different hair lengths, from very short to long hair. I have never had my hair shorter than 3 inches and I am always curious as to what I would look like completely bald.. lol Don't ask why :P

With short hair you have many different styling options available to you that you would not have with longer hair. When my hair was at its longest and thickest there were sooooo many styles that I wanted to do, but just simply could not do, because I had way too much hair!! lol Is that a good or bad thing!?!? You tell me..

When I transitioned the very first time, I simply stopped relaxing my hair because I thought that continued use of my relaxer was causing my hair to thin out. Which I did later find out that my hair was falling out because of birth control... When I was relaxed, I took very good care of my hair. I stretched for 3-4 months at a time. I never ever did a relaxer sooner than 3 months. That is a mistake that I find many relaxed heads make. If you can not deal with 6 weeks or more of new growth then I think going natural and/or transitioning would be a very drastic and hard step to take. How can you handle 6" of new growth when you can't even handle 1"...

One must be able to handle their hair in its most damaged, dry, tangled state with minimal breakage! IMO If you can't then you should keep your relaxer until you do... :P No offense to anyone..

When transitioning you must always be aware of your line of demarcation. This is the point where your relaxed hair stops and your natural hair begins. Pay extra special attention to this area and try not to put too much stress on it. You may find that this is the point where your hair tends to break off the most. Keep this part well conditioned and moisturized and avoid tight ponytails. Do not pull the comb through this area roughly. Be as gentle as possible!

Transitioning hairstyles

When I transitioned, I wore :

  • Sew in weaves
  • kinky twists and braids with extensions
  • french braids
  • braid/ twist outs
I did wear ponytails often, but not tight and no phony ponies. When wearing ponytails make sure the hair is well deep conditioned and that you vary the position of the ponytail, as keeping it in one spot can cause breakage. NO TIGHT PONIES!! Can't stress that enough..

My first transition lasted for a year. I did not even realize I was transitioning really. I just decided one day that I did not want to wear a relaxer anymore. It went by very quickly and once I realized I reached my one year mark I took a pair of scissors and CHOP!

My second transition lasted about 2.5 years. I cut little by little till it was all gone. I think by doing this method it is easier if you are texturized/texlaxed as I was. I do not think I would have lasted so long if my relaxer was bone straight. But to each his own..

My suggestion to those who want to go natural but are not sure if they want to BC or not would be to DO YOU! If you know you can handle the difference in textures and/or don't like the look of very short to no hair, then transition for as long as you want. Sometimes jumping into it with a BC can overwhelm some and lead them to return to relaxing because they cannot handle their newfound texture.

When you get that urge and are sick of looking at the mess that transitioning can be, pull out your scissors sistah! Thats how I felt Feb 24th when I recently chopped off almost all my hair! Although I was not transitioning, sometimes a Big Chop just needs to be done! I do not regret it one bit!

Last thing I can say is that only you know what you are comfortable with. Do what you feel like and do NOT let what anyone else says influence your decision or make you feel bad about the choice you make! It is YOUR hair and it will always grow back, so sit back relax and have fun!

You can cut it now, or you can cut it later.... Its your decision. <333

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