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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

MAC HAUL- CCO & other

So I went to the CCO and did a little damage. It has been a long time since I have been able to get out and go shopping for makeup like I like to... Heres what I got.

The pic is backwards but this is a perfume in Hue- Pinkaura from the Rose Romance collection. Love the scent!! FAB!!

MSF in Cheeky Bronze

MSF in Refined from Sugar Sweet collection. I already had the other one and was happy they had this one so I could have both! YAY!

Mineralize Blush in Earth to Earth

I was very surprised to see that they had one of the quads from the Fafi collection! This is Fafi Eyes 2.

I got 9 eyeshadows! One of them I left in my car so don't have a pic at the moment. Maybe I will edit this later but the color that is missing is called Of Summer. It is a cool lilac color.

Buckwheat- Frost

Henna- Veluxe Pearl

Knight- Veluxe Pearl

Warming Trend- Veluxe Pearl

I found all the shadows from the Neo Sci-fi collection!

Evening Aura- Veluxe Pearl

Time & Space- Frost

Now these 2 I purchased previously but Sadly Lost the little makeup bag that they were in along with some other limited edition stuff!! FML!

Expensive Pink- Veluxe Pearl 
This color is in the permanent line.

Magnetic Fields- Veluxe Pearl

Ok that is all I got from the CCO. I think... On to some other stuff I got!
From my MAC counter I only got a few things because I was way late for the current collections and everything was sold out. :(
I got...

Cross-Cultural- Matte

Lipgelee in Lush & Bright
The glitter in this is insane!
I also got another pencil sharpener...

From sephora..

MUFE HD Powder! Finally!

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub.. Love!

From Walmart.

I found this! It was only $10. Good deal!
It had Lash Stilletto, The Colossal, and Define-a-lash length.
I also got some more loreal linear intense liquid liner and some tweezers... (not pictured)

I just wanted to throw these in because they are FAB!! I got them from Saks..

So sexy! They are made with Pony Fur! So soft! I don't even want to take them out of the box! They are really comfortable too. LOVE!

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