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Monday, March 01, 2010

Graftobian Haul

So I am still in the process of building my kit and since I had the burning need to own every possible shade of foundation there could be I went ahead a purchased a few palettes from graftobian.com

Foundation and concealers are really the only things that I am lacking on in my kit... :P
So I just purchased them today. I will tell you what I got with links to each product.

Firstly I got the super foundation palette in Warm


I got the HD foundation palette in Cool #1


I got the HD foundation palette in Neutral #3


I then got 2 corrector wheels in light and dark


And finally I got a steel mixing palette and double ended spatula. The price was not bad and I got more then I will need for a very long time. This will take care of all my foundation and concealer woes...

I originally planned to get what I needed from camerareadycosmetic.com but they were out of everything that I had on my list!! Minus one thing.. They need to stock up their items asap!

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