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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cherry Culture Haul

So I kinda went on a little online shopping spree and in this post I am going to show you what I got from cherry culture. Now I am a little pisses because a few days after I made this purchase they hosted a 20% off sale... Grrr I could have gotten more stuff!! :P
Oh well...

I got Pencils!!!

A few Amuse pencils. Now these were only $0.50 so I got one of each just to test them out. Some of them are ok but they are kinda dry and hard to apply. They are worth just as they are priced... Nuff said.
They are pretty pigmented though.

I also got some more NYX lip pencils. This completes my NYX Lip pencil collection, I have every single color! Yay! lol

I love NYX Lip pencils. They are actually the same quality as higher end pencils, such as MAC. When I bought my first MAC lip pencil, I thought... Whats all the hype?? They are the exact same consistency! Just as pigmented! But they cost $14, whereas NYX costs $1...
You choose.. lol

I also got 3 more NYX jumbo pencils in Hot pink, Orange, and Slate. (Not pictured) I can't wait to use the Slate one! Looks like it will make a Fab! smokey eye! ;)

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