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Sunday, March 28, 2010

More on Brush Belts!

So I recorded a few vids on my brushes and this one on my brush belts. Youtube is acting up way to much and has bee for the past week or so! It is literally taking an entire day to upload 5 min videos!!
I mean WTF!! It usually only takes 20-30 mins!!

I have recorded a bunch of vids and this one was the only one that I was able to get through. I have one more trying to upload right now and that one is saying 35 hrs...

Any way here are my brush belts... One from ebay, one from coastal scents. You can actually find both on ebay. I love the big one! So happy I found it!! I might even buy another one just because.. :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bold Lips!! Neutral eyes...

Finally recording makeup tutorials!! yay!!

I wanted to do something simple and since I have lately just been walking out the house with eyeliner, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss, I thought I would do something that reflected me at the moment. So here you go!

Products used:

MAC Soft force e/s
MAC Expensive pink
MAC Spiced chocolate
28 neutral palette
Rimmel rich brown eyeliner
Loreal Linear intense liquid eyeliner
MAC Smolder
Maybelline Lash Stellito
MAC Brow shader kit

NYX Deep purple lip liner
MAC Speak louder
Sephora Lip gloss in Rosy glow

Graftobian HD creme foundation
MUFE Hd powder
MAC X-Rocks
MAC Grand duo mineralized blush
MAC Petticoat MSF

Monday, March 22, 2010

FOTD- Out clubbin!

So me and my girls went out last night and this is the look I did.

I'm way shiney (well more than usual) in these pics. Thats what happens after a night out!! Should have used matte gel to help reduce the shine. Will try that out next time and see how it holds up. ;) There is a HUGE pimple right between my eyebrows. I always get one there for some reason. But luckily my skin is clearing up somewhat. Back to using my Neutrogena! No more Clinique!! That stuff jacked my face up!!

Products used:

MAC studio finish concealor in NC45
MAC Blot powder in dark
MAC MSF in So ceylon and Refined to highlight

MAC eyeshadow quads in Notoriety, Shadowy lady, and spiced chocolate
Rich & Earthy on inner corner
Skintone 2 on brow bone to highlight
Skintone 1 to highlight tear duct
Brash on middle third of the lid
Shadowy lady on outer corner of upper and lower lash line
MUFE #92 on lower lash line
Rimmel soft kohl kajal eyeliner in purple passion on upper lash line
MAC smolder on upper and lower waterline
Maybelline Lash stiletto mascara

Thats all for now. 
Mar <333

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Working with your hair, Not against it!

Its funny how whenever I spend time with people that I have not been around before, it kinda reminds me of how different peoples perspectives on hair care can be. I have been spending time with new family members that I never knew about before and here is a rundown on the situation.

My daughters hair was in braids with knockers and barrettes. I washed and detangled her hair and put it in 2 ponytails. My aunt says she wants to do my daughters hair... Ummm...

She goes, 'do you have grease?' I say 'We don't use grease.. We use conditioner and moisturizer..' She than says she wants to blow dry her hair so she can braid it up... Ummmm... Not happening!

I left and when I came back they were blowdrying and combing out my lady's hair!! OMG WTF!! My little lady was screaming her head off!! Funny thing is she is the one who asked them to do her hair cause she wanted beads... lol 

My aunt comes down and is like does she scream like that when you do it?? 'Ummm... NO!' I tell her how I do not touch her hair with any comb or brush unless her hair is soaking wet and slathered with conditioner. And absolutely NO bristle brushes!!

She did not quite understand why apparently.. So my lady comes down and I am a little ticked off cause you can smell that burt hair smell... It was dry and stiff... And it didn't look any better from being blow dried!!

My aunt kept telling me that her hair needs to be combed out.. 'Ummm... No it doesn't" I say. With the texture of her natural hair detangling will not get you very far. 

I told her that with this kind of hair you have to work with it not against it. You are not going to get rid of every coil and tangle, and blowdrying is NOT the solution! You will cause more breakage that way! 

When caring for and growing out our hair we will not see any progress with too much breakage. We must avoid it all together!

When I do my lady's hair I detangle each section as I go. I do not detangle her whole head first unless she has a massive amount of tangles, knots, and shed hair. By doing it section by section it causes less pain on my little one's scalp.

I sat down with a spray bottle filled with water and suave humectant conditioner and go to work!

Look at all the screaming she was doing with them. She did not scream once when I did her hair. My sweet little honey told me that she won't let anyone else do her hair ever again.

All this to say, when caring for your hair you can not get frustrated, and you must work WITH you hair. You can not work AGAINST it, it will just cause problems and you will not see any progress. 

Mar <333

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blast from the past!!- Color Pop! 2009 makeup look

Here is a look I did about a year ago. I just found these pics when I found my old camera and I thought it would be such a shame to waste them. I loved this look and it is wearable, as long as you are not afraid of color. If over done it can look a little clownish.. :P lol

I done remember all the products I used here, but I do remember using expensive pink and orgasm blush. I do believe the Hello kitty palette in Too Dolly was used and Vibrant grape e/s from Style Warriors. Not completely sure. The lipstick used was Fabby.

Here are the pics!!

This was back when I still had hair... :P

Makeup artist Brush Belts

I have purchased 2 different brush belts so far. On I got from coastal scents, the other from ebay.

I received the one from coastal scents first. It was really cute because it was a metallic dark purple, however it was tiny! I was not expecting for it to be that small. I tried it on and thought maybe I can work with it...

When I attempted to put in all of my brushes... Oh no it just was no happening! I could not fit all my brushes in the belt! And also some of the brushes were just too bug to fit in the pockets! WTF!

The next one arrived about a week later. I was pleasantly surprised! It was very well made and it was HUGE! It fit all of my brushes with room for more! It has a flap which is the main thing that drew me to this particular brush belt. Here is a pic of it loaded up with brushes...

With the flap down...

And here is a size comparison to the costal scents brush belt...

It would have been nice for the coastal scents brush belt to a tad bit bigger but oh well... I guess I can use it for dirty brushes or eye/lip liners or whatever.. Im sure I will find a use for it.

Each one was around $20. The one from coastal scents was I believe $16.95 plus s&h. The one from ebay was about $18 and that included s&h.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cherry Culture Haul

So I kinda went on a little online shopping spree and in this post I am going to show you what I got from cherry culture. Now I am a little pisses because a few days after I made this purchase they hosted a 20% off sale... Grrr I could have gotten more stuff!! :P
Oh well...

I got Pencils!!!

A few Amuse pencils. Now these were only $0.50 so I got one of each just to test them out. Some of them are ok but they are kinda dry and hard to apply. They are worth just as they are priced... Nuff said.
They are pretty pigmented though.

I also got some more NYX lip pencils. This completes my NYX Lip pencil collection, I have every single color! Yay! lol

I love NYX Lip pencils. They are actually the same quality as higher end pencils, such as MAC. When I bought my first MAC lip pencil, I thought... Whats all the hype?? They are the exact same consistency! Just as pigmented! But they cost $14, whereas NYX costs $1...
You choose.. lol

I also got 3 more NYX jumbo pencils in Hot pink, Orange, and Slate. (Not pictured) I can't wait to use the Slate one! Looks like it will make a Fab! smokey eye! ;)

Friday, March 05, 2010

A remake of my Wash & Go

Since I chopped my hair down I have found a better way to do my wash and go and have my curls pop every time! This is very simple to do and I absolutely Love the results I get from it. It looks good even into the second and third day!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Storing Makeup -Train Cases

Pro Rolling Aluminum Makeup Case W/ Dividers

As I began to buy more and more makeup I found that one of my biggest challenges was finding a place to store it all. At first my collection was small enough where I could just store it in a little makeup bag which spent its time in my bathroom cabinet.

My collection kept growing... I became interested in more then just greys and browns. So I went to walmart and got one of those little plastic drawers that you may see many people using. It was around $8 I think so not bad in price, It lasts a long time too, I bought it about 2 years ago and still have it somewhere.

The thing about a product like that was... I have kids! Something that they can reach for, pull down, and open up was really not practical. I used the drawer thingy for a little while until I discovered train cases. I did a little research on the different kinds out there and decided that Target was the best place for me to get one.

I got a really cute Caboodles makeup case with black lace covering it. I Love it! It is so cute and it has kept my makeup safe. It has locks on it also, keeps those tiny fingers away! I think the one I have is a 11" or 13". Its not as small as the ones they have on amazon.

They sell mine at Target and Walmart. Target did have a better selection. More colors and designs. They are priced the same at both stores, I think. Well they were when I bought mine over a year ago...

This thing has held up pretty good. It does feel a little flimsy but it has not fallen apart at all and I don't think it will.
Heres a pic of my little baby.. 

As my collection grew my cute little caboodles just could not cut it anymore.. I found this bag stashed away at my moms house. They weren't using it so I took it. I knew they wouldn't miss it. :P

Here are a few shots of the inside of both...

I am over packed! I can't fit anything else into either one of these things! It is time for a real traincase...

So after doing as much research as I could trying to find the best prices and models available I decided that http://yazmo.com/ was indeed the best place to purchase from right now..

This website has a good variety of traincases available. They are offering free shipping for the month of March! I found 3 that I am very interested in purchasing...

This one I have been eyeing ever for months! However, the price has stopped me from splurging. $250 for a soft duffel bag type traincase is a very steep price in my opinion....
I do like that it has a ton of different compartments and pockets but do not think I will buy it.

This is the next case that caught my eye. I like that it is all black and that it has the 2 sections. 

This is the one that I think I will get first. It is the cheapest and I like how it is made.

The only issue I have right now is that... 

BOTH the train cases that I actually want are OUT OF STOCK!!!!

I sent a message asking when they were restocking but still have not gotten a reply days later.. Does this say something about their customer service?? Hmmm... They have the same kind as the last one above on ebay for the same price however they do not have it in the color that I want. I seriously do not want a silver one... At all. I think I will wait till they restock at yazmo, unless someone can point me to a website that has the exact same model and color for the same price...

The Mohawk!!- Finally

So here it is I finally finished the freeking video! I am a little all over the place in this one. Took me 2 days to finish this hairstyle.


Ask me anything http://formspring.me/marand313

MAC HAUL- CCO & other

So I went to the CCO and did a little damage. It has been a long time since I have been able to get out and go shopping for makeup like I like to... Heres what I got.

The pic is backwards but this is a perfume in Hue- Pinkaura from the Rose Romance collection. Love the scent!! FAB!!

MSF in Cheeky Bronze

MSF in Refined from Sugar Sweet collection. I already had the other one and was happy they had this one so I could have both! YAY!

Mineralize Blush in Earth to Earth

I was very surprised to see that they had one of the quads from the Fafi collection! This is Fafi Eyes 2.

I got 9 eyeshadows! One of them I left in my car so don't have a pic at the moment. Maybe I will edit this later but the color that is missing is called Of Summer. It is a cool lilac color.

Buckwheat- Frost

Henna- Veluxe Pearl

Knight- Veluxe Pearl

Warming Trend- Veluxe Pearl

I found all the shadows from the Neo Sci-fi collection!

Evening Aura- Veluxe Pearl

Time & Space- Frost

Now these 2 I purchased previously but Sadly Lost the little makeup bag that they were in along with some other limited edition stuff!! FML!

Expensive Pink- Veluxe Pearl 
This color is in the permanent line.

Magnetic Fields- Veluxe Pearl

Ok that is all I got from the CCO. I think... On to some other stuff I got!
From my MAC counter I only got a few things because I was way late for the current collections and everything was sold out. :(
I got...

Cross-Cultural- Matte

Lipgelee in Lush & Bright
The glitter in this is insane!
I also got another pencil sharpener...

From sephora..

MUFE HD Powder! Finally!

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub.. Love!

From Walmart.

I found this! It was only $10. Good deal!
It had Lash Stilletto, The Colossal, and Define-a-lash length.
I also got some more loreal linear intense liquid liner and some tweezers... (not pictured)

I just wanted to throw these in because they are FAB!! I got them from Saks..

So sexy! They are made with Pony Fur! So soft! I don't even want to take them out of the box! They are really comfortable too. LOVE!

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