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Thursday, January 07, 2010

More on Mega-tek...

So I used it for the last month or so that I had my twists in. The style I wore after that were silk locs... My ponytail is a little jacked up in this pic. lol

Applying something to your scalp with this type of hairstyle is not happening. So I just started back using the megatek again after almost 3 weeks of not using it. Can I tell you that my scalp is so damn sore!! This mess hurts to even touch it!

Once I cut my hair I will be able to measure it more easily and really see how much growth I am getting from this every month. Last time I used it I got an inch. This time I did notice the shedding again. But it is very little compared to last year when I started Mirena at the same time. This is fine. As long as it stays minimal I am fine with it.
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