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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Mohawk

So this is the first time that I am doing a mohawk on my own hair. I love it! I usually add weave to the middle section but I thought I would leave my own hair out. Mostly because a few people have been hounding me to wear my real hair. So I did. I went through so much with this hairstyle..

First I did a henna treatment and deep conditioned. For my henna mix I only used hot water, safflower oil, and henna powder. It actually made my hair really soft. Which is funny cause henna usually makes my hair feel weird unless I add plain yogurt to it.

PS. Always wear gloves when doing anything with henna!! It turns you skin and nails orange.. I didn't and my hands are still a little orange. LOL I don't care though. I love henna!

Heres wear the trouble starts... :P
At first I was planning to wear a braidout. I french braided it going back and let it set overnight... When I took it out.. It was just a little too frizzy for me.

I didn't really like it.. I could have made it work but it just wasn't the look that I was going for.
Heres a pic as I was starting to flat iron the front....

So I took my blow dryer and flat iron and straightened it out... It came out so fab!! Here are a few pics. :)

Now I suck because I was rushing and didn't use any heat protectant. My hair reverted the next day. So I washed the hair and conditioned and twisted my hair up and bantu knotted the twists. It came out nice. I used shea butter as a leave in and the hair is super smooth and soft! Loves it!

Will post a few pics of the twist out soon. Also there will be a video tutorial as soon as I finish editing!!
As well as a tutorial for silk locs which I am going to redo. Didn't like how the first one came out...
So stay tuned to Mar<333!

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