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Friday, December 11, 2009


Coming soon...
Taking out the kinky twists tomorrow night!! Yes!

Been using the megatek every other day and whoa!! I have crazy newgrowth!! It doesn't even look like I redid any of my twists.. hence the serious need to take these out.. My friend recently referred to me as poetic justice.. lol
Will post pics here and on twitter..

Do you see this mess!?!? I mean damn! compare to the pics in the other post... crazy newgrowth!!

And I think I will do a set of silk locs when these are out.. Got to do some major deep conditioning and cowashing to build up the moisture in my hair.. Also I will most def be doing a remake of my ponytail baggy video cause youtube fucked up my sound on that one terribly!! Got to get some new phony ponies... and some gel... and some knee highs... and some sandwich bags..


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