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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Ponytail Baggy!

I redid this video because the sound is all messed up on the first one. So here you go!

I usually keep this in for about a week or so... I cowash daily to every other day when I wear this. At night I do take off the pony and wrap a scarf around my head to keep the ponytail neat.

I love this!! It is the main protective style that I always go back to. And it has helped me to retain more length than any other hairstyle I have worn.


cassandra said...

I love the baggy ponytail but I have a question about that. In the winter time how do you go about doing your co-washes.

marand13 said...

I co wash every 2-4 days when its cold out.

cassandra said...


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