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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rule! in the crease

The past few times that I have done my makeup I have been very drawn to using rule eyeshadow just above my crease line. Rule is a matte orange eyeshadow. Not many people seem to be drawn to the color orange for an eyeshadow. In fact I don't really like the color at all. But I have been playing with my makeup and have found oranges and colors one wouldn't normally wear to look the best! Now I have been doing very simple, kinda neutral makeup and adding rule just seems to make it POP and give it that extra edge!

You might not be able to see the colors very well in the picture below but I'm telling you it was lovely!

For this look I used:
Smoke & diamonds -e/s inner corner
Glamour Check! -outer half
Spiced Chocolate e/s -in the outer corner & into the crease
Saddle e/s & rule e/s -mixed above the crease
Soft Force -for a highlight
For lips:
Fabby l/s
Funtabulous l/g

I didn't wear any foundation or do my brows mostly because it does kinda look overwhelming for my taste during the daytime. Although I have done it before with no issues I was just not feeling it yesterday.. :P lol

If you are a woman of color try using colors like rule. It will warm up any look and give it that extra edge that you may be missing form your makeup that day. You will love it as much as I!!

 PS. I promise to get another camera soon so that you can atually see what is going on with the makeup!! Because right about now the pics are washed out like crazy... I dont like it!!

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